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A&A March hits over 50,000!

Last month was our biggest month ever in terms of hits at Aaron and Andy.com, with more than 50,000 hits for the month of March.

Our popularity seems to be going steadily up and up, and this month already looks set to top our new record. “We already had 20,000 hits this month by the 10th,” Andy says. “So we hope to top 60,000 for April — yay!”

“It’s really great to see that our website is one that people want to keep coming back to,” he continues. “We’re glad that people enjoy what we do.”

Aaron and Andy.com has been running since 2008 and was an instant success, especially in Wellington, attracting comment, debate, and criticism on the gay scene. In December 2009 Aaron and Andy received a New Year’s Honour from GayNZ.com for services to the GLBT communities of Wellington.

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  1. Cleopatros says:

    If I was the type of person who’d like to offend, I’d point out that every day Taylor Lautner’s penis has been the most viewed story. Sorry but many of your fans are disappointed Twihards. More Wellington scandal pleease.

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  2. Aaron and Andy says:

    You’re right, that story is usually always the top story of the day. However, majority of our hits still come from New Zealand (Auckland is #1, followed closely by Wellington) — it just so happens that they’re more spread out across a number of pages rather than one-click-wonders looking to drool over Mr Lautner’s bits. 🙂

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