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Aaron and Andy.com closed!

After four years, 1,308,965 hits, nearly 1,000 stories, 11,000 comments, and five threatened lawsuits, Aaron and Andy.com is saying bye-bye.

We’ve decided it’s time to chuck in the towel and move on to newer and more exciting ventures, but it’s been fun, y’all!

We’re both focusing more on our futures in the real world now. Aaron has recently taken on a challenging new role at his mahi, while Andy is currently on a student exchange in Shanghai, China, and has just accepted an exciting casual role at Parliament.

It’s always better when things end on a high, and Aaron and Andy.com is definitely there. Our hits have kept climbing, and our real-world events this year have been the talk of the town. What a perfect time to go out with a bang!

Thank you all for coming to our site (whether you love it or hate it), and for making the past few years a little more colourful in GLBT-WXYZ Wellington / New Zealand.

See you around…

Aaron and Andy.

(Aaron and Andy.com will be slowly closed down over the next few weeks. If you want to skim through any old articles etc, do it now. Comments have now been closed for the entire site.)

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