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Aaron and Andy standing down

Aaron and Andy are standing down from Out in the Square after being involved since its inception.

Out Wellington Inc., the volunteer committee that produce Wellington’s Out in the Square, are seeking new members to carry on the successful event as a number of key current members will be standing down at the group’s AGM this August.

Current Chairperson Andy Boreham, who has been involved since Out in the Square’s inception and helped move the fair from Newtown School to the central city, will not seek re-election this year, and neither will long-time member Aaron Halliwell and Treasurer Stephen Riley. “I’ve been given an awesome opportunity to study in China and won’t be here for the next fair,” Boreham says. “I feel the time is right to stand down from organisation of Out in the Square.”

Boreham says Out Wellington Inc. is “in the best shape it’s ever been”, having produced bigger and more popular fairs each year, and having organised a number of “very successful” fundraising events including a sold-out dance party and a number of queer art exhibitions.

“This is the perfect time to hand the mantle over to some fresh new talent who can continue to grow Out in the Square in ever new directions”.

The Out Wellington Inc. AGM will take place at the Awhina Centre from 2pm on Saturday 18 August. Anyone interested in taking part is urged to come along.

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  1. Thats a pity. It has gone from strength to strength each year. I hope it can continue. Time will tell.

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  2. Houston. says:

    ^Amen. Fingers crossed for the future.

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  3. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    Jevan has said that he would like to get involved! Better make sure you have a good treasurer!!!

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  4. I’d love to see Jevan on stage singing his single live. I beat for a second that it’s autotuned to the hilt and he’d sound as dreadful as he looks!

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  5. Oh, and so I don’t sound too negative.

    You guys (Arron and Andy) have done a fantastic job with Out in the Square. I know there’s others that help out too, but you guys have been there since before it even moved to the Square and it just keeps getting better.

    I hope this means that you will still be involved with the wealth of other events you guys have been involved with. it seems like every decent event in queer Wellington (with the exception of Queer The Night) has been spearheaded or at least involved with by you guys. THanks for your hard, unpaid, and often thankless work!

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  6. Mama DeZiyah says:

    I knew this was coming but it’s still upsetting!
    You boys have been fantastic and I hope that whoever takes over manages to live up to the stunning legacy you have left behind.

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