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Andy in Shanghai 01

Andy has arrived in Shanghai, where he’s studying on exchange until February next year. He catches us up with the latest.

I’ve been in Shanghai for a few days now but haven’t had internet access in my room. I’ve been hassling the front desk about this ‘problem’ for a few days and finally the technician came up. It turned out I just had the wrong settings on my laptop. Shameful.

Well it’s pretty exciting to be in one of the most vibrant cities in the entire world, but I must admit I’m a bit disappointed to be missing the marriage equality situation in New Zealand. It’s an interesting time, and I’ll have to watch from afar. Please keep me informed, everyone!

But Shanghai is a nice consolation. Such an amazing city, and I’ve only seen a fraction of it so far.

I’m studying at East China Normal University, and am living on campus which is a new thing for me. It’s good, though! The campus is quite huge, and really pretty. There’s a WalMart at one of the exits, which I’ll try not to visit often but is quite handy for bits and pieces like towels and internet cables and coat hangers. There’s also more food than you could imagine, and I hope to try it all!

Facebook is, of course, banned in the People’s Republic of China. I thought this would be hard to deal with but I’m enjoying the break. I have been able to get on here and there, but I won’t make a habit of it. Besides, mum told me off when she saw me on there and told me to have some respect. I think I agree, ma.

I think it’s time for breakfast, but I’ll update again soon. Should I head to the Western Dining Hall on campus? Nah, I think not. 🙂


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  1. Queer's Prayer says:

    Our Andy, who art in Shanghai
    Stay there.

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  2. Justin and his mother says:

    How is it disrespectful to go on facebook? Is it because it breaks a country’s law? If so that comes with the assumption that all laws are socially just.

    Anyway I wouldn’t miss facebook, I deactivated mine along time ago. I just thought it was weird having this mix of friends/lovers/work colleagues and family. I couldn’t handle the lack of borders.

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  3. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    Sounds very interesting, please keep us informed about how life is there and how the gay scene is too.

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  4. That's right says:

    Make it interesting next time

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  5. ^ says the person going out of his way to visit Andy’s site. Hahaha! That’s Right!

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    • That's right says:

      Yeah, that’s because sometimes the content is interesting. Btw, there’s another guy who supposedly is behind this site. The fat one.

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