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Andy wins Mr Gay World

New Zealand’s entrant to the Mr Gay World pageant, 32-year-old Andy Derleth, has taken away the top title.

He beat out entrants from 21 other countries over a weekend-long competition held in South Africa.

The stationery store manager only moved to New Zealand four years ago, from Germany, but now calls Aotearoa home.

“Sometimes gay life is still stereotyped and having such an amazing event showing role models will add to the acceptance of GLBT people,” he said.

We’re not too sure if men who work out meet the ‘role model’ standard, but we’re excited for Andy all the same. Congratulations, Andy!

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  1. How do men who work out not meet the “role model standard”? That just sounds like a swipe at people who do from people who don’t..

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      Not at all; I work out myself. The statement is more aimed at the whole notion of Mr Gay World and the importance they place on physical appearance. Does someone’s physical appearance mean they are better role models?

      • As far as health and fitness is concerned – absolutely. If I wanted workout tips from someone, I’d sooner go get tips from someone like Andy than someone who looked like they’d spent too much on McDonalds, or sucking fumes out of a crack pipe and busking in the street using their own ribs as a Xylophone so they could get their next fix.

        That, and you know that physical appearance wasn’t the ONLY thing the contestants were judged on, right? It’s a bit unfair you would belittle the entire competition to sounding like it was some fickle Who’s Got the Better Body contest.

        Now come do some push-ups with me. Les Mills tonight? 😀

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        • why do push ups at les mills? youre in a gym use the equipment, there is an abundance of exercises that are significantly more effective you could do to target the chest region. Heres a few:

          Dumb Bell Bench Press
          Weighted Dips
          Cable Press
          Cable Flys
          DumbBell Pullovers
          DumbBell Flys

          In addition you could do most of these exercises either incline/flat or decline.

          Chest is fun guys but dont be that queen that never trains his back because he doesnt look at it in the mirror, and walks around with big bulging biceps a big chests and coathanger neck and shoulders and a weak back. And train legs as well guys, dont be that top heavy queen with the chicken legs cause he is too afraid to interrupt his precious ab regime to do some squats. Balance is the key queens bye

          *sprinkles fairy protein powder and creatine everywhere with his gay wand*

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        • A good gay role model for me would be someone who said “actually I’m not going to pose topless for your photos, I have dignity and respect”.

          Look at the photo above. That is not a role model. Sorry.

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          • ^StupidKid says:

            its just skin, part of the human anatomy, no other animals wear clothes. Why try and deny the human body, are you trying to deny humanity itself?

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          • Uhh, I’m quite sure he’s got plenty of dignity and respect. He just happens to look good with his shirt off. It’s not like the guy walks around without one on 24/7.

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  2. yeh i agree, whats up with that working out comment?

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  3. This whole argument cracks me up. A wellingtonian who by anyone’s standards is a great guy with a ‘normal’ physique won Mr Bear NZ and is representing us in Melbourne later in the year and you chose not to even cover it. You need to wake up.

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    • Boycott The Bathhouse says:

      its the same site where they think its perfectly acceptable that Woman go into gay saunas, what do you expect here?

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      We don’t think anyone who wins a title in a gay bar (or any bar, for that matter) is an instant role model, regardless of their body.

  4. Mr Bear NZ? You mean the guy who got the NZAF kicked out of schools for asking kids inappropriate questions?

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  5. No I have no idea who that is but it’s not who I’m talking about

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  6. paparazzi says:

    I was waiting for someone to join me in my general loathing for these pageant show ponies

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