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Avengers support couple

Activist group Queer Avengers have released a statement showing support for the lesbian couple that alleged homophobia in a Wellington bar last week.

The Queer Avengers say they would like to publicly support the two women, especially because of the perceived “discrimination they felt while at Public bar in Central Wellington”.

“The Queer Avengers were not at the bar that night, and cannot know what the bouncer said or how he acted,” says Queer Avengers spokesperson Kassie Hartendorp. “But we do know that the women felt uncomfortable and discriminated against by his actions and their complaint should be taken seriously.”

Hartendorp says that it’s not uncommon for queer and gender variant people to face bigotry in Wellington’s nightlife.

“We live in a society which disdains gay affection. Many in the queer community often worry about being ‘too gay in public’ for fear of the reaction it might provoke. The Queer Avengers have heard very similar stories from other members of the LGBTIQ community about Wellington nightclubs, so it makes sense that a lot of people gave their support to these women.”

The Queer Avengers further condemn what they call the “public attack” made on the women involved, which they say can “have the chilling effect of making it harder for any marginalised group to speak out against discrimination in the future.”

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  1. Houston says:

    *deep breath*….

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  2. paparazzi says:

    I’m more inclined to believe that the 2 of them were too wasted to even know what they were uncomfortable about, on the balance of the evidence

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  3. Awesome night says:

    So let me get this, “The Queer Avengers were not at the bar that night, and cannot know what the bouncer said or how he acted”, but the evidence seems to be showing that the bar was actually in the right to tell them to leave and what seemed to be the only intelligent queer activist group in the country is blindly standing behind them, even though by their own admission, they cannot know what was said or how the bouncer acted? Smart move… not.

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  4. Confused mother of six says:

    Intelligent Queer activist group Oxymoron

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Well Avengers do need something to avenge. Otherwise they’re just Queer.

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  6. What is it with all these young Wellington GLBTI groups and absolute and abject credibility fails?

    We certainly weren’t this stupid eight years back amongst the group of us that were involved in the Uniq / Askew groups between the Universities.

    1. Wellington has got amazing non-bigoted night life. I have been in Public before (amongst many other bars) making out with guys and no-one down here bats an eyelid. I personally feel sorry for the girls as they were thrust into the media game without knowing the consequences, but I feel even more sorry for Public Bar as their reputation, and the livelihood of all of their staff, was put at severe risk for and went through an absolute pounding all for a the sake of a catty remark posted on Facebook, and an overzealous person who, my money is on, thought it would be her big chance to make a name for herself.

    2. If you go hunting enough for discrimination, I’m damn well certain you’ll find it. Certain religious groups have have taught us that “discrimination” can in some circumstances be used as a weapon or a rallying call for the troops for the last two thousand odd years, and it’s nice to see the that the Queer Avengers have borrowed such tactics.

    3. Where is Ms Fowler? The list of groups you are now hiding behind is becoming a complete and utter farce. Let me tell you a little story… There was once a Festival in Auckland called Hero. One year, the people that were responsible for that festival screwed up. Badly. Now for many of them it was not directly their fault, they had been led up the garden path by someone else, but it was still their responsibility – and none of them owned up to it.

    Twenty years down the track, one of those people has been dogged by those events for his entire life. His name has been changed, but every time he stands up for anything in our community (and I do not understand why he does it any more given the amount of flack he comes under) it all comes out. Every time.

    Please don’t assume I am taking the moral high ground here – there is no way whatsoever for me to do that. I am merely speaking from experience, and from the experience of those individuals like myself that have stood within our “community” and got things done. I know I’ve made mistakes, and so have many others, but we’ve owned them, and moved on to do bigger and better things (and we’ve all eventually grown up).

    New Zealand is a small place, and the world is far smaller than you think, Ms Fowler, and it’s your choice whether or not you want to wear this for the rest of your life comes down to if you want to face this head on and show us that you do have some integrity, or whether you are going to run and hide.

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  7. Kassie Hartendorp says:

    Hi there,

    When The Queer Avengers said that we cannot know what happened that night, it was in reference to the fact that no conclusive evidence has been given to the public besides what we have heard from the television media.

    The Queer Avengers support the women speaking up against the prejudice -they felt-. We recognise that people have had a range of experiences in Wellington bars, but we have mostly gone from people approaching us saying that they have had not so positive experiences.

    In regards to Gen Fowler, the Queer Avengers did not discuss this as it seems like a non-issue.

    If you want to chat more about this, then send an email to thequeeravengers@gmail.com.

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    • Sebastian says:

      Wait, you’re out to ..avenge? …these girls because they felt bad?

      I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly, because it sounds like you’re rallying behind two girls who suffered from a moment of negative cogitation – there’s no further proof other than what they said happened, and what was shown to the media. Of which pretty much shows the girls for embellishing on the events that happened that night.

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      • Stephii says:

        The group is called the Queer Avengers. Not everything is a cause for vengance though.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank god I don’t identify as queer.

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  9. Confused mother of six says:

    Scott aka Vaughn great self promotion

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  10. Scott aka Scott thank you very much.

    Kassie, how can you say that the actions of Ms Fowler are a non issue? None of this would have happened if not for her misplaced involvement?

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    • Sebastian says:

      Scott as in Infamous Emperors Scott?

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      • God, I was infamous long before Emperors. Let’s hope this project isn’t the one that goes on my gravestone…

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        • Sebastian says:

          Maybe the Hero Party. 😉

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          • Sigh, I shouldn’t be remembered for Hero 09 and Pride 09 – there were over 40 community groups that contributed over 60 events to a 6 week festival, that was topped off with a party for which the only thing my business partner and I did was make the introductions and sort out the venue.

            My only real contribution was pissing everyone off enough after the festival so that everyone would come to the consultation and Hero would finally be laid to rest, instead of being dragged out of it’s coffin every year by some twat who thought they could make a quick buck off it.

            Enough shameless self promotion.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Ms Fouler is a fucking bitch

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