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Big days for the gays

It’s been a rather mammoth couple of days for the queer community in New Zealand’s political scene.

Yesterday, more than 1,000 people marched on Parliament in the Marriage Equality Celebration Rally and even though it’s the middle of winter, Wellington turned on the sun. Several MPs spoke, including Louisa Wall – who introduced the bill, and National’s Tau Henare. The bill later passed it’s first reading 80-40, a result many did not expect.

To top that off, today, Jacinda Ardern’s adoption bill was pulled out of the members’ ballott, which if passed will see gay couples allowed to adopt.

Phew! What a couple of days! The biggest shock however, was seeing celebrity blogger Steve Gray down at parliament with the marchers given Steve’s very vocal opposition to gay marriage.


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  1. That's right says:

    This is disappointingly late reporting. I expected A&A to be covering these events more closely. Better luck next time.

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  2. Gummy Sue says:

    Actually, I paid Andy for a blowjob with tickets to china…. its really shamefull and embarassing please dont judge me. im still an ass virgin i promise.

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