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Biggest month ever!

Aaron and Andy.com last month had its biggest month ever, attracting around 25,000 hits.

The new-look website launched in May, in an attempt to increase the number of regular visitors to Aaron and Andy.com, which has been a success.

“We now attract about a third more unique users each day,” says Andy Boreham.  “We hope that will grow more and more as people learn about our website!”

The website attracted 23,977 hits in July, and that’s expected to grow further.

Andy says Aaron and Andy.com used to be known only for its salacious gossip, but that perception is fast changing. “Now we’re known less for our gossip, and more and more for our in-depth features, food reviews, events, and news”.

“Thanks so much to everyone who reads our website for your support!  Each and every unique hit means a unique person that we’d like to thank!  Yes, that’s you!”

To celebrate our biggest month ever, we have five fabulous cocktails to give away to five fabulous readers thanks to Club Ivy.

Congratulations to Scarlet, Kimmy, Ivy Lies, DJ, and Jack, who each won a delicious cocktail thanks to Club Ivy.

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  1. I love aaronandandy.com for the controversy; mostly that sparked by the readers with the extremo opinions that like to flood the site! 🙂 Oh and Andy’s innappropriate funny-haha’s.
    You could maybe improve the site by providing a grammar/spelling function for the less capable. *cough*jevan*cough*
    Better living everybody! x

    [Thanks for entering, Kimmy! We’ve deleted your email address from your comment since you just need to post it in the ’email’ field above, which you already did. Good luck!]

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  2. The Jevan scandal…I can’t help myself!

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  3. Burger King complaints = Food reviews! LOL!!!
    I love everything else though. great site, well done. xx

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    • LOL, well we have a couple of other ‘food’ articles, Matt. Just click ‘FOOD’ in the menu along the top of the page. xx

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  4. Your guy’s site rocks! I try and visit at least once I week for fear of missing some juicy goss or something – can’t wait for the 1st year anniversary party x

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  5. Ivy Lies says:

    It’s an easy way to see what’s been going on around town if you didn’t go out on a particular eventful weekend and love the ordinary stories like the Burger King stories also!

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  6. I love the scandal and the way you guys talk about shit most people would never talk about. Like who really gives a fuck what Bonar wore to that party but for some reason I love it. You guys rock.

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  7. Gummy Sue says:

    Club Ivy does cocktails?

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    • A cocktail is generally a drink made up of at least 3 different things.
      Gin + tonic + a bit of lemon juice = G&T

      See it even has a fancy name

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      • Gummy Sue says:

        im sure thats what the staff think too! i was shocked last night when i ordered a cocktail at S & M’s last night and it was cheaper than at Ivy!

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  8. fantastic site to inform us all.keep it up xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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