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Blake breaks the record

Our favourite sportsman, Blake Skjellerup, broke the New Zealand record in the men’s 500m at the national speed skating championship in Dunedin this weekend, in his first competition on home soil in four years.

Blake shot around the track in 44.044 seconds, while his closest rival, Mark Jackson, fell just short of him with 44.259 seconds.

Blake also defeated Mark in the 1,000m and 1,500m, but unfortunately just fell short of taking a clean sweep with Mark defeating him in the 3,000m.

Who’d’ve thought they’d see sports results on Aaron and Andy.com? Certainly not us! But perhaps that’s the power of a hot, gay man racing around a track in a VERY tight, figure-hugging outfit! Well done, Blake!

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  2. He could break my record anytime!

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