Andy in Shanghai 01

Andy has arrived in Shanghai, where he's studying on exchange until February next year. He catches us up with the latest. I've been in Shanghai for a few days now but haven't had internet access in my room. I've been hassling the front desk about this 'problem' for a few days and … [Read more...]

My Melissa Etheridge experience

Seeing someone you’ve idolised since childhood is a surreal experience —  such was the one I had on Saturday at the Melissa Etheridge concert at the Michael Fowler Centre. And judging by the reaction of the almost sold-out crowd, I certainly wasn’t alone in being awestruck. By AARON … [Read more...]

LegaliseLove v2.0: Back for another shot!

LegaliseLove is a queer advocacy group created last year at Wellington's Victoria University. Despite a successful march on Parliament, they faced criticism for their 'closed door' policy, heterosexual President, and myopic obsession with hetero-assimilation . But now they've reshuffled … [Read more...]

Zowie chats with Zakk d’Larté about Love Demolition

Walking into an interview with who has been deemed the “electronic princess of pop” seemed like a daunting task at first, but as I am greeted with the cutest smile I have ever seen, I knew that this was going to be a fun half hour. Dressed in a fluffy green jacket, Hello Kitty necklace and … [Read more...]

[public.] enemy no. 1: Genevieve Fowler

HOUSTON BARAKAT tells us why he thinks Victoria University Queer Officer Genevieve Fowler is public enemy number one, following the PR disaster she pushed about alleged, but ultimately unfounded, homophobia at a Wellington bar. OPINION: Genevieve Fowler. Wow. The idea that she is the … [Read more...]

[public.] displays of equality

HOUSTON BARAKAT weighs up the case of the two lesbian women asked to leave a Wellington nightclub on the weekend and asks: are we just jumping on the homophobia band-wagon without enough information? Here we go again. A bar patron asked to leave a bar on the basis of something … [Read more...]

Mr Gay World: ‘Be gay, but please be normal’

It was awesome to see that, as a judge at this year’s Mr Gay New Zealand competition, I had a tiny part to play in Andy Derleth’s ascension to the throne of Mr Gay World 2012. But then I saw some of his comments in New Zealand media and started to get a little worried. By ANDY … [Read more...]

Mr Gay World 2012: A big man with a big heart

UPDATE: Andy took away the title of Mr Gay World 2012 at the weekend. On the weekend of this year’s Mr Gay World competition, Mr Gay New Zealand 2011 (and this year’s Mr Gay NZ Producer) talks about our current champ, Andreas Derleth (Andy), and reflects on the reasons we have such … [Read more...]

I got tested for HIV at Big Gay Out…

I did a few things at Auckland's Big Gay Out recently. I ate sixteen of the most amazing donuts. I got a henna tattoo which faded way too fast. I took one taste of some shaved iced and biffed the rest. I also got an HIV and STI checkup, and it couldn't have been easier! By ANDY BOREHAM I … [Read more...]

Powerful stereotypes at Big Gay Out

Auckland’s Big Gay Out is always an interesting time to watch New Zealand media further push the GLBT stereotype to Kiwi folk back home at their TVs, but one mainstream news show did us proud, nearly! By ANDY BOREHAM Mainstream media flock to Auckland's Big Gay Out — New Zealand's most … [Read more...]