Why I hate the term ‘straight-acting’ and everything it stands for

ANDY BOREHAM explains where the term ‘straight-acting’ comes from, how it’s dangerous, and why many gay and bi men hate to be associated with anything ‘feminine’. Ever since gay radio host Mike Puru announced his thoughts on ‘straight-acting’ gay men, I’ve had a newly invigorated … [Read more...]

On introducing PattyBoy (and his friend Zakk d’Larté)

Lots of people said we were taking a risk when we booked young Auckland pop-artists PattyBoy and Zakk d’Larté for their first gig, but I think they were wrong. By ANDY BOREHAM I've been watching PattyBoy, aka Patrick Cavill, online for some time now. He has had an internet presence … [Read more...]

Would Wellington want a gay nightclub at a sauna?

An Aaron and Andy.com reader commented about the options for a future Wellington gay nightclub being attached to a gay men's sauna. We loved it so much that we're posting it as a story! By HOUSTON BARAKAT A nightclub attached to a sauna? That could work BRILLIANTLY – even if the concept … [Read more...]

Do you care about gay issues this election?

Opinion: If gay issues are high on your agenda as you decide where to vote this weekend, you should read this. By ANDY BOREHAM Some of us care deeply about the way political parties treat GLBT rights, and some of us care more about other things like the economy, education, and all that … [Read more...]

Why I can’t support LegaliseLove

OPINION: Ex-UniQ President Stephen Jackson says he doesn't believe in gay marriage and tells us what he thinks are fatal flaws with the university group that was formed to fight for marriage equality, LegaliseLove, including a feeling that the group has not welcomed input from the … [Read more...]

Are you ready to Legalise Love?

The President of Legalise Love, the exciting new initiative fighting for equal rights in New Zealand, talks about the big plan, love, and how you can get involved. By JOSEPH HABGOOD LegaliseLove is a national political movement dedicated to striving for legal equality for all New … [Read more...]

A bit more than a Tweet with Stephen Fry

We caught up with out-gay British actor, writer, poet, journalist, Tweeter etc Stephen Fry while he had a spare moment from filming some movie about little people with hairy feet for Peter Jackson. A&A: You arrived in Wellington just recently. What do you think so far? Stephen … [Read more...]

What happens after the London riots?

Our London reporter, DYLAN CLEMENTS, spent the week getting up close and personal with the protesters and rioters and looters that brought England to its knees. His videos featured on local and international media. An image of him filming the carnage featured on BBC, The Telegraph, Forbes, … [Read more...]

Emad and Haseeb: Gay wedding finalists

Radio station ZM are sending a same-sex couple to New York to get married in their current competition, Same Sex and the City. We had a quick flick through the six finalists and thought that Emad and Haseeb were the most adorable, so decided to catch up with Emad and find out a bit more … [Read more...]

UniQ, GLBT, and criticism

Why do GLBT organisations seem to be so averse to criticism from within the community? Should the gay media be censored from saying anything that isn’t completely positive? And why is anyone who speaks out brandished as anti-community? ANDY BOREHAM chats with gay media expert David Herkt, … [Read more...]