Aaron and Andy.com closed!

After four years, 1,308,965 hits, nearly 1,000 stories, 11,000 comments, and five threatened lawsuits, Aaron and Andy.com is saying bye-bye. We’ve decided it’s time to chuck in the towel and move on to newer and more exciting ventures, but it's been fun, y’all! We're both focusing … [Read more...]

Paris Hilton: Gays “disgusting”

Paris Hilton is being forced to defend comments she made in the back of a taxi about gay men being "disgusting" and that most gay men "probably have AIDS".  The acclaimed pop icon was secretly recorded while in the back of a cab with a gay friend recently who was using Grindr. "Gay guys … [Read more...]

Blake’s three-peat

Congratulations to Blake Skjellerup who won his third consecutive Senior title at the New Zealand Speed Skating Championships held in Auckland over the weekend. Blake, who currently resides in Melbourne where he is training, said it was great being back in Auckland. "I enjoy seeing … [Read more...]

Sam is Mr Gay Wgtn

Local theatre personality Sam McLeod has taken the title of Mr Gay Wellington at a huge party at Bodega last night, organised by Club Ivy's Greig Wilson. There were six entrants fighting it out for the crowd and the $1,000+ worth of prizes including cash, bar tabs from both S&M's … [Read more...]

Blakenator needs your help

Our favourite out sportsman, Blake Skjellerup, is appealing for help to get him to gold at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014. Being a top-level sportsperson requires a lot of dedication and talent. It also requires a lot of money, and this is where we can all help with a … [Read more...]

Big days for the gays

It's been a rather mammoth couple of days for the queer community in New Zealand's political scene. Yesterday, more than 1,000 people marched on Parliament in the Marriage Equality Celebration Rally and even though it's the middle of winter, Wellington turned on the sun. Several MPs … [Read more...]

Rally for marriage equality

Members of Wellington's GLBT-WXYZ communities are holding a rally which will celebrate the first reading of Louisa Ball's marriage definition bill.  The rally is being described as a celebration rather than a protest, and will start at Civic Square and end up on the steps of Parliament … [Read more...]

Team Queer slays

This year's Olympics in London have proven  the gays  can be a force to be reckoned with in sports. Of the 23 "out" competitors at these games, 10 ended up with medals in sports such as  equestrian, soccer, tennis, and women's hockey, giving Team Queer a better medal percentage than … [Read more...]

Hannah JV moves on

In a shock move, Hannah JV (her name's too long to spell out properly) has resigned her position as the editor of express — New Zealand's only GLBT-WXYZ magazine. When Hannah was first appointed to the role nearly four years ago, many questioned how a young, straight woman would be able … [Read more...]

Jevan’s vid ‘one of NZ’s worst’

Jevan Goulter’s debut music video Loud has been labelled one of the ten worst New Zealand music videos by Stuff.co.nz today. Fairfax entertainment writer Jule Scherer has named Jevan's video as one of New Zealand's most "cringe-worthy" in a list she released today. The top (or bottom) … [Read more...]