Mr Gay etc is just for fun

We seriously need to relax and get rid of this idea that title holders of Mr Gay etc are anything but 'winners' of an entertainment show. They don't represent us, and they don't [usually] claim to. By ANDY BOREHAM The crowning of Mr Gay Wellington at the weekend has raised the debate … [Read more...]

Christopher voting ‘no’

Christopher Finlayson is the Attorney-General, as well as the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and Arts, Culture, and Heritage. He’s also gay. Being gay and in Parliament is nothing new — both Labour and the Greens have queer faces in Parliament, and it shouldn’t really matter … [Read more...]

Mr Gay World: ‘Be gay, but please be normal’

It was awesome to see that, as a judge at this year’s Mr Gay New Zealand competition, I had a tiny part to play in Andy Derleth’s ascension to the throne of Mr Gay World 2012. But then I saw some of his comments in New Zealand media and started to get a little worried. By ANDY … [Read more...]

Staying gay in Christchurch

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll be well aware that we love to jet off to Southeast Asia when we can, whether it be Cambodia or Myanmar, we love it there. Sadly living in Wellington means it always involves three flights and most likely an overnight stop in either Auckland … [Read more...]

The Rock lesbian call hoaxed

You probably heard in the New Zealand media yesterday, particularly gay media outlets (not this one), that a lesbian couple apparently played the ultimate prank on radio station The Rock. The station was running a competition called 'Win a Divorce for Valentines' Day', where someone was … [Read more...]

Marcus for Mr Gay NZ?

Last June, Marcus Fenson was crowned Mr Gay Wellington at Club Ivy, and now he’s in the running — with three others — to be Mr Gay New Zealand and compete against some of the world’s hottest in South Africa. So should he be the one to represent New Zealand? We investigate… Naturally, … [Read more...]

Mike Puru is homophobic

Out-gay Edge radio personality Mike Puru has announced that he is a homophobic idiot. By ANDY BOREHAM The insecure gay revealed his feelings about being openly gay to Herald reporter Michele Hewitson, and he comes across like a total fuckwit. He said he won't show any public affection … [Read more...]

Gays still safe in Wellington

While the circumstances are tragic and horrible, GLBT people in Wellington should not feel unsafe following the attack and death of a gay man on Saturday. Gay man Phillip Cottrell, 43, was tragically and savagely attacked early on Saturday morning. On Sunday his life support was turned … [Read more...]

Kim’s wedding fake: GRRR!

Kim Kardashian has become the unlikely face of marriage inequality, and the gays are mad! By ANDY BOREHAM Yesterday's announcement by reality TV star Kim Kardashian that she will be divorcing her husband of 72-days has angered lots of gays, especially now that reports suggest the wedding … [Read more...]

Why I can’t support LegaliseLove

OPINION: Ex-UniQ President Stephen Jackson says he doesn't believe in gay marriage and tells us what he thinks are fatal flaws with the university group that was formed to fight for marriage equality, LegaliseLove, including a feeling that the group has not welcomed input from the … [Read more...]