Homophobia is unnatural

This phrase is awesome — pass it around, peeps! . . . … [Read more...]

UniQ’s Pride faux pas

We can only really describe UniQ Wellington's move with Pride Week this year as a fuck-up. When is Pride Week this year, you may ask? Well, it's Pride Week now! Yeah, NOW! Oh, you didn't know about it? Well, neither did we. UniQ sent out this gem of an email yesterday: "Hey there … [Read more...]

“Gaggle” not very accurate

I've been thinking about Labour MP Damien O'Connor's comments about the new Labour list being filled with a "gaggle of gays", and I actually don't find it very accurate. By ANDY BOREHAM Just to make things clear, I don't actually find O'Connor's comment to be very offensive in itself, … [Read more...]

Quake: Hideous website to stay

We've received a number of emails and messages today from people concerned about a certain website which blames the current devastating events in Christchurch on gays and lesbians. Many are confused as to why it can't be removed, but you can make a stand against any New Zealand media who … [Read more...]

The NZAF let it RIP

OPINION: Every now and then an advertisement comes up that just makes you think: 'WTF?!' The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is often a culprit here, and one of their latest campaigns is no exception. ANDY BOREHAM explains. Advertising faux pas are usually created following a serious lack … [Read more...]

Should you wrap “the gift”?

AARON HALLIWELL is scratching his head over the suitability of a new safe-sex campaign featured in express magazine’s latest issue. express is the country’s leading gay and lesbian magazine and has certainly improved markedly under the stewardship of publisher Amy Jane Todd and editor … [Read more...]

Should Air NZ have cut the gay?

So Air New Zealand has pulled a scene from its ‘Crazy about rugby’ safety video following some complaints from the gay community, although if you follow any comments on Facebook or Twitter they all tend to say it’s “PC gone mad” or something similar. If you haven’t seen the video — and … [Read more...]

Wear purple? Maybe not.

In what seems like just another empty Facebook fad, we're being urged to wear purple to "commemorate the suicides caused by homophobia". I'd rather do something more valuable, to be honest. By ANDY BOREHAM. There's a flood of Facebook groups that have been set up for this 'cause', and … [Read more...]

Glambert v Malaysia

Gay popstar Adam Lambert is ruffling a few feathers (and we don't mean the ones on his headpieces) by agreeing to de-gay his upcoming concert in Malaysia — where homosexuality is punishable by up to 20 years' imprisonment and whippings. The American Idol runner-up — famous for his … [Read more...]

Pride or cringe?

Pride parades bring to mind images of leather, chains, breasts, tacky outfits, skin, buttocks, and raw sexuality. Chuck in the odd rainbow flag and you have the classic image of pride parades throughout the world. It could just be a case of selective media coverage, with editors and … [Read more...]