Georgina ditches Mr Gay

Tonight is the Mr Gay Wellington competition at Bodega, but word is that one of the headline judges, former MP and Mayor Georgina Beyer, has just pulled out. The event, being organised by gay Wellington bar owner Greig Wilson, will hit the stage at Bodega this evening and was to feature … [Read more...]

You know I’m famous?

Who is the wannabe celebrity who tells his hook-ups to be prepared to be disturbed on dates because he's quite famous? Now perhaps it's because we care more about whether Hwayoung actually quit T-Ara, or which 90s girl-group is reuniting this week, or whether Jennifer Lopez is going to … [Read more...]

Bare with bear with beer

A former Mr Gay New Zealand winner has been snapped moments before his shock arrest for lewd conduct in a public toilet with a teddy bear. We've agreed not to name him while Police conduct their investigations. The man was seen displaying his booty in an attempt to lure the teddy bear … [Read more...]

Fliss mobbed by Aussie fans

Felicity Frockaccino was last night mobbed by deranged and screaming Australian fans after her first night performing at Midnight Shift. The Otaki diva, who recently won the equivalent of Miss Drag Sydney, began her new show at the Oxford Street gay bar in front of "a tonne" of … [Read more...]

GC boys and the drag queen

A number of stars from the controversial reality TV show The GC are in New Zealand this week, and one lucky Auckland drag queen ran into some of them at Denny's and got a snapshot to prove it! Three of the cast from The GC — which is a reality show following a number of young Maori … [Read more...]

Jevan working with PattyBoy

Controversial gay personality Jevan Goulter has recorded a song with Auckland gay pop sensation PattyBoy, and the pair will shoot a video for the song in Wellington over the next few weeks. The unlikely duo allegedly worked on the song, titled 'Loud', over the past few months and … [Read more...]

Zakk tries to meet with Gaga?

Rumour is circulating that gay pop artist Zakk d'Larté — who was recently the victim of an alleged homophobic attack — is wanting to meet with Lady Gaga while she's in New Zealand. We've received a number of emails stating that d'Larté is "using his attack" to meet with Lady Gaga, which … [Read more...]

Jevan supportive?!?!

In shocking news, evidence is building that former scandal monger Jevan Goulter is supportive of queer initiatives. Goulter was spotted at the Under the Rainbow 2 opening and closing events—where he turned up with a former MP—and successfully bid on two pieces, one by US Ambassador … [Read more...]

Men preparing for Urge:Black

Rumour has it that a number of gay men in Wellington are letting their bodies become slightly more natural in preparation for the upcoming Urge:Black men's party later this month. The organisers of the event are Urge Bar from Auckland, notorious for its bear culture of body hair, … [Read more...]

‘Shock’ gay revelation on TV!

A new Kiwi reality TV show, based loosely on Jersey Shore, promises a "shock" revelation about the sexuality of one of its characters, but that revelation won't be much of a shock to New Zealand's gay community. The GC, a show about the exploits of young and attractive Maori living it … [Read more...]