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CHCH: Oscars are go!

Christchurch’s Queen Bee Miss Mole has confirmed that despite concerns surrounding the recent earthquake, this year’s Oscars will go ahead on Labour weekend.

There was some concern that the event might need to be cancelled this year after the venue, The Bedford, was damaged by last weekend’s 7.1 quake.

“The earthquake did damage the brick work displays around the top of the building, and destroyed afew signs, but everything has been checked and is ready to reopen,” she tells Aaron and Andy.com. “We have five exits and are on a single story, so 100% safe!”

Mole promises an amazing night, as always, and Christchurch’s gay scene will be coming out in force. Of course, many also visit from around the country, taking advantage of the large-scale event. “If you want to have fun then come to Christchurch on Labour weekend! We’d love to see you all!”

Twelve special trophies will be handed out this year, to celebrate Christchurch’s finest GLBT citizens.

This year will also see five GLBT people awarded for going above and beyond the call of duty following the earthquake.

“In the wake of our recent earthquake we need a party more than ever here now.”

The Oscars really is Christchurch’s biggest GLBT event of the year — tickets are on sale now and selling fast!

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  1. will bruce from cruz be in attendance to receive his awards?

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  2. Totally looking forward to performing at this fabulous annual event!!

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  3. jojoladouch says:

    When is the Oscars / Globes on? I’ve two conflicting dates… 24 Oct and 25 Oct????? Help please

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