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Election: Kevin Hague

We asked a bunch of MPs and candidates the same five questions to help you decide where to cast your vote at the end of this month. Today we quizzed Kevin Hague from the Greens.

1. What are the five biggest issues this election?
Five biggest issues are inequality between rich and poor (hence our priority to raise 100,000 kids out of poverty), the rapidly declining state of our environment (hence our priority to make every river swimmable again), an economy that is brittle, stupid and completely unsustainable (hence our priority to create 100,000 ‘green collar’ jobs by transforming the economy in a smart direction), our failure as a society to create a safe world for young queer people, and the referendum on MMP.

2. What is your stance on gay marriage?
We absolutely should have the right to marry (or nobody should). All Green MPs will vote for gay marriage. We regard it as core policy, not a conscience issue.

3. What is your stance on gay couples being able to adopt?
Kids are entitled to have adoption issues made in their best interests, and that means that all the options – including same sex couples – need to be on the table. However the discrimination in the Adoption Act is just one of its many flaws; hence my work to engineer a cross-party agreement to overhaul the law. All Green MPs will vote for this too, rather than making it a conscience issue as parties like Labour and National probably will.

4. How can we lower the suicide and attempted suicide rate of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) and questioning youth in New Zealand?
The single most important thing is to create a much better social environment for them to come out into. That’s why I commissioned the awesome Murray Riches to develop his report “How do we Make it Better?”, which sets out a plan on how to do this. In the next term of Parliament I want to work with Murray and groups from our communities to work to implement the recommendations in Murray’s report.

5. What is your view on the To Be Who I Am report?
Great report and Greens are very happy to support its recommendations. Maybe the ones that will have the most impact are those around health services. We are aware of the work done through the Counties Manukau DHB pilot. This is a step forward but still far from ideal, so we strongly support the need to review it after 2 years before wider roll-out.

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