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Election: Paul Foster-Bell

Paul with Prime Minister John Key

We asked a bunch of MPs and candidates the same five questions to help you decide where to cast your vote at the end of this month. First up we quizzed National’s Wellington Central candidate, Paul Foster-Bell.

1. What are the five biggest issues this election?
I believe the five biggest election issues this year are:

  • Responsible management of the economy. Nobody believes the opposition’s figures add up – and New Zealanders do not want the billions of dollars of offshore borrowing for expensive election bribes. National will balance the books by 2014-15.
  • Growth and job creation. With National’s brighter future plan, we’ll see the benefits of a fairer tax structure (three quarters of all people paying 17.5% income tax or less), science and innovation leading to new products and services for export and a regulatory environment which supports small business. We’re on track to create 170,000 new jobs over the next four years, and our benefit reforms will take an active investment approach to breaking the cycle of dependency and helping beneficiaries back into work.
  • Getting world-class performance out of our public services. We’ve moved resources away from unnecessary bureaucracy and into frontline services: e.g. 800 more doctors and 2,000 more nurses in the hospitals – delivering more than 20,000 extra operations each year. We put 600 more police on the beat and 1,600 more teachers in schools. This work must continue going forward.
  • Investing in better infrastructure. New Zealand needs faster broadband, modernised school buildings and learning IT networks, better public transport and roading to ensure we can maintain and improve our productivity and lifestyles. National will deliver these without the reckless borrowing which Labour wants.
  • Preserving our natural environment. I’m proud of National’s record – we have consented more than 1,300 MW of new power generation – all of it renewable: geothermal has doubled and we have brought in more wind turbines, tidal generation trials and other non-polluting technologies. We also worked with the Green Party to roll out home insulation to 12,000 homes in the Wellington region.

2. What is your stance on gay marriage?
National allows its MPs a conscience vote on moral issues, such as gay marriage. My personal stance is in favour of full equality before the law for all Kiwis, so I support legal marriage being available to all LGBTI couples.

3. What is your stance on gay couples being able to adopt?
We’ve acknowledged that the adoption laws are out of date in a number of regards. I would be supportive of gay couples being able to adopt – and other changes to this archaic piece of legislation, for instance around Maori whangai adoption practices.

4. How can we lower the suicide and attempted suicide rate of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) and questioning youth in New Zealand?
We need to change the culture of New Zealand to become even more supportive of people who may not confirm to societal norms. The Prime Minister has acknowledged that bullying and harassment play a tragic role in our high rates of youth suicide, depression and other negative outcomes. That is why the Government has invested $60m into a suite of programmes in our education system to combat behavioural issues in schools, including homophobic/transphobic bullying.

5. What is your view on the To Be Who I Am report?
The Government has a cross-departmental programme of work underway to implement the findings of the ‘To Be Who I Am’ report. Some issues are complex – for instance gender definitions on passports when there are international standards which must be complied with, and which do not yet acknowledge that gender encompasses a wide spectrum rather than merely the two categories of ‘male’ and ‘female’. These problems will take time to resolve. I support this ongoing work, and believe National’s philosophy of equal treatment for all our citizens provides a sound basis for approaching these issues.

Check back soon for answers to the same questions from other MPs and candidates standing in this year’s election.

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  1. Awesome stuff Paul! Glad to see National MP’s supporting the GLBTI community. Really appreciate your stance on progressive politics.

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  2. After meeting Paul personally and objectively looking at his thoughts on Wellington Central, I know Paul will make a great MP for that seat. Excited about the prospects of this candidate.

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  3. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Paul on GLBTI issues thiroughout the year and I can say that unlike other politicians he’s not just paying lip service, he does mean what he says about supporting the issues. He supported the Legalise love rally and was the only Wellington Central candidate there. That in itself speaks volumes.

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    • MOst gays didnt support Legalise Love so I don;t think thats a good measure lol

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      • I’m not here to get into a discussion about why Legalise Love is or isn’t supported. Regardless of that, it’s the fact that Paul does truly support equal rights for the GLBTI community whether it’s equal adoption rights for couples or supporting more services for GLBTI youth at risk.

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  4. Interesting to hear what the National folk have to say about gay stuff. Grant Robertson hasn’t been very visible with gay issues lately. I wonder if Labour ignore contentious issues when they’re in the opposition.

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  5. What we have gained can be taken away says:

    If I could say sicofant not even sure if I spelt it properly no matter just having uncle John looking over his shoulder in the photo says it all. Like all the NATS this guy will just do what he is told in the long run, Robertson has been a good MP in Wgtn central tried and true why would we want to change that.

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  6. i like this guys ideas around social issues, i dont like his economic ideas but. his face kind of looks like a well fed pig

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  7. bahaha a well fed pig

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  8. Is he gay?

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  9. National Out! says:

    Great guy, dumb party! Lets see all you National supporters thumb down this comment then. Thats the thing with these types of quantitative tools – its usually polarised with people who feel passionate whilst others will just go ‘meh’ and move to another article lol

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  10. Pity u clowns have short memories

    do some soul searching and realise that Nact are bad for this country

    it has SFA to do with gay or straight

    they fuck everything and everyone with their policies every time the fuktards get in

    AND as Key IS the nact party- hes the only WAY these slimeassholes will get a 2nd term

    pity none of you fucktards experinced discrimination by these fuckturds back in the 80’s
    plenty do remember and theyre VILE VILE VILE

    Well-loved. Keep or remove? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

    • How many of the MP’s from the 80’s are still around now?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4

      • they were at their worse in the early 90s, jim boldger and ruth Richardson. labour was bad in the 80s with exception to the nukes. roger douglas (labour) is the most infamous politician ever.

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      • not many, but the same ideology is still floating around

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  11. people like john key and steven joyce basiclly expect everyone to be a slave to capitalism, but the whips and chains have been replaced with debt and illusional need for material goods. They basically expect you to work the majority of your life for low pay so u can buy a bunch of stuff that wrecks the environment. Meanwhile john key is worth 50,000,000 and stephen joyce used to own media works. and they expect

    stephen joyce hates the green party . He also hates many of his other national party crew because he thinks they are too left or too centerist, he is a real right wing and he sees eye to eye with don brash. they speak often on the phone and some of those discussions are about lining their pockets and turning as many of you as possible into low earning slaves

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  12. john and steven joyce see themselves as slavemasters because they are positioned highly in the structure that is known as capitalism, dont let their misinformation and simplification and rheification of concepts or the messages that they cleverly engineer fool you.

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  13. capitalism is not an inherently bad economic system, its better than feudalism for example. But unregulated capitalism like steven joyce and john key want it excludes and oppresses some and turns the majority of people into low income slaves that have to work their assess off all their life then die. and a few like john key and stev en joyce get to own big boats and mansions and afford to eat at fine dining and have chamapagne while others have very little but do all the manual work.

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  14. if u dont buy into their brand of capitalism u are excluded, labbelled deviant and treated like shit by the other slaves you may wind up in a mental health facilty, possibly homeless, maybe even in jail, this process is called hegemony. If u are extremley wealthy national would be a good vote, perhaps u may even befirend john or steve or don, but if u are a wage slave with no means of production, or if u are just sick and fucking tired of all this plastic fake illusions and u just want to free yourself of all these chains, please make your life long goal to shoot steven joyce in the head.

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  15. I work for $18 an hour so I can put petrol in my car to get to work, the rest of my income goes to pay the rent on a home that I will never own. I really wish I could buy a new iphone and purchase a gym membership so I could get a body like Taylor Lautner but I cant afford it. At my work we print pamphlets advertising products.

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  16. my job pays $17.50 / hour. Like yourself, most of that goes on gas and parking and rent. Despite working over 40 hours a week I seem to never have any money. Also I am just so tired. I flat with 4 other people. I just want to have my own space. I have a degree but cant get a job in that field because of a criminal record that is over 5 years old.

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  17. I work full time (6days a week) and I cant afford to do anything except drive to work and have a roof over my head so I can rest to go to work again the next day. The only comfort I get is caffeine, but that just enables me to wake up in the morning so I can work faster. I work for a company and all I do is data entry. I receive absolutely no deeper meaning from my work or from any other aspect of my life. I have another 30 years of this before I can retire. I doubt I will ever own my own home anyway, wish I was just dead sometimes except I dont have the courage to kill myself.

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  18. I work in data entry as well, wish I was dead, I wouldn’t wish this existence on my worst enemy

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  19. I work in a store warehouse on night shifts. I am worried that when private accident compensation is offered because of Nationals proposal the private sector will undercut ACC levies, then because everyone flocks to the private sector eventually ACC will become broke and unable to provide a service and become non existent. Then the private sector will raise prices up to above the acc levies. How will I be protected from this happening?

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  20. Bret Schollay says:

    I dont want NZ to end up like the U.S, I think my vote will be to the left this time round

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  21. DIE JOHN DIE! says:

    why did john key meet up with that nut case about deep see drilling exploration? that nutter was involved in the gulf of mexico tragedy. That John Key is a slimey little rich sneak. Oh and that bullshit about him being from a poor household when he was young what a load of shit, we all know that an extreme minority are able to come from that environment and become the prime minister and be worth 50,000,000 dollars. Anyway why is John Key positioned as a success for anyway? all he has done is be greedy, hog resources, screw the poor, dodge paying tax and fuck the environment. he is only successful if u use capitalist markers to measure success. In my eyes he is a failure and all his actions or ‘achievements’ are detrimental to society.

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  22. wheres all the happiness john? screw your slave jobs as well cunt, I dont want to be yours and your mates fucking slave

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  23. If you read Paul’s comments you will see he separates what he personally supports from what National policy is. National policy does not support same sex marriage or adoption so under a National Government the law wouldn’t change. Paul also talks up increases in teachers and nurse that their unions say are not true. The public service cuts under National have included education and police as well as defence and other essential services.

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    • I didn’t see Labour voting for gay marriage or adtoption.

      Lets not let Labour away with what they have not done. They have voted into law a discriminatory law allowing gay people civil unions, the same but different is not equal.

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  24. Y’all need to chill out.

    Firstly: National nearly won an outright majority of votes from all of those that voted. Seeing as the majority of NZ’ers aren’t filthy rich capitalists, I would assume National are doing something right, and aren’t the evil slave drivers you guys are making them out to be. I would assume that seeing as almost 900,000 NZers have given National their vote, they can be confident that’s a pretty approving mandate. Yes, they’ve made mistakes, as has every government in the history of the world. Yes, John Key is worth $50 million. So what? He was raised on welfare in a state house by one parent. His story should show that no matter what your beginnings, you can become one of the most powerful people in this country with enough hard work and intelligence*

    Secondly: How the Civil Unions Act, which gives EXACTLY the same rights to gay couples as married coulles, is discriminatory is beyond me. The Civil Unions Act gives gay couples equal right to be as miserable or as happy as any other formally recognised couple in the country. The only difference is the name. The english definition of marriage is ‘the formal union between a man and a woman.’

    Equal rights. Equal ceremony. Equal pomp. Equal misery. Equal happiness. Different definition. If your quarrel is with anyone, it should be with the dictionary for publishing the definition, not Labour for reading it.

    *Not that it matters, but I party voted Greens.

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  25. does civil union give the same adoption rights?

    People that voted national just buy into the capitalist hegemony and know no better. The illusional goals that capitalism promotes acts as the dangling carrot. The dangling carrot is the new whip and shackles that keeps them enslaved within this capitalist framework.

    Yeh john key is worth 50,000,000 but think of all the damage to the environment that he is inadvertently or knowingly responsible for in doing so + all resource he has pillaged whilst amassing his fortune. And all the resource he is hogging while others go without the basics.

    As said previously we have all heard that story before about what a “success” he is, but a very small minority can achieve that coming from a welfare background. Besides capitalist structure only allows for a few to become so wealthy.

    Another thing him and many politicians were raised in the womb of a good welfare state, but yet they are all so intent to dismantle the welfare state for current and future generations.

    I dont care how many people voted for him, I still think National policies are shit. I do not like Labour either, they are just as dumb. We need to look at society in a totally different light, what that is I have no idea, but centrism induced by the WTO and IMF is unsustainable, depressing, socially unhealthy and environment destroying.

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  26. Go National! Great Election result!!!!

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  27. I like his sculpted eyebrows.

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