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Farewell Chris Carter MP

Chris Carter, who was expelled from the Labour Party after a spat over the floundering party’s leadership, delivered his valedictory speech ending a long career in parliament.

Chris was the first out-and-proud MP, (Marilyn Waring was outed in the 1980s but she never publicly talked about her sexuality while in parliament) and so holds an important place in our history.

Unfortunately he became one of the biggest (ab)users of parliamentary perks and when criticised for it by the media, he decided to declare the media were acting homophobic. Now when kids are killing themselves over real homophobic bullying, we think it’s kinda disgusting to pull that card.

It went all downhill from there and was a sad end to one of the country’s most capable MPs and ministers. It tarnished what could have been an amazing legacy and a great role model for the GLBT-WXYZ community.

Chris is off to Afghanistan now, helping the United Nations fight corruption. Oh dear, the irony!

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  1. Sharethelove says:

    I wish the gay community would support each other rather than always trying to find a way to tear others down.

    Yes he screwed up, BIG TIME and calling homophobia was disgusting, but he doesn’t deserve to go through life and be judged everyday for this one mistake.


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  2. One mistake?

    How unaware are you?

    By being an MP he put himself into the position of being judged and to be held up to a higher standard than most.

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  3. so LOL you are PERFECT then??


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  4. who is anyone to judge anyone!!! NOBODYS PERFECT!!!

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  5. LOL i especially love how on 3news when they got responses from various MP’s the blue ones said something polite and humble (although prob fake), where as the reds were still quite bitter and jaded….

    I look forward to a different leader in the Labour party, someone to actually make it look like Key needs to campaign!!!

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