Fliss mobbed by Aussie fans

Felicity Frockaccino was last night mobbed by deranged and screaming Australian fans after her first night performing at Midnight Shift.

The Otaki diva, who recently won the equivalent of Miss Drag Sydney, began her new show at the Oxford Street gay bar in front of “a tonne” of screaming fans.

“It was just insane,” a patron tells Aaron and Andy.com. “Fliss was trying to leave and the fans just literally jumped on her, screaming for autographs and photos!” The patron tells us Frockaccino’s mobbing was equal or greater than that of Lady Gaga when she visited Sydney recently. “Lady who?”

Security may have to be lined up for Frockaccino “to protect her well-being” in time for her next appearance, especially given the veracious appetite drunken Australians have for Kiwi divas.

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  1. are you sure those guys in the photo are not trying to fight off this oversized , muppet featured foul creature!?

  2. Felicity Frockaccino says:

    Dont be jealous babe, I’m sure they can do a feature story on you as well. Just get out there and be noticed. It’s not hard.

    • Anonymous says:

      how do u know he’s jealous? maybe he just doesn’t like you. Stop basing your assumptions on freudian theory.

  3. Haters goin hate!

  4. Your use of big words intrigues me so. Maybe my theory is right, but it’s not you who’s been asked to pass judgement, so don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      well Fliss at least you don’t look like John Wayne Gacy (Ribena), I’ll give you that. But seriously some people just don’t like you, they’re not jealous, they just don’t enjoy your shows, they don’t enjoy you, they are not sexually attracted to you, they don’t find you funny, in the main they are indifferent to you and sometimes they probably find you tedious and boring. Thats all. No one is Jealous.

  5. Blow them all a kiss sista 🙂

  6. I too find them very boring people. Why bother coming to a gay bar at all. I mean seriously!

  7. Um who is John Wayne Gacy? That’s not Rubena. Last time I checked He was Kevin Dunseth. Just saying.

    • Well i think your awesome felicity was good to see you perform in wellington the other night would love to watch another 1 same with my frend very well done haha fuk me in the caravan lmao classic!! all the best.X

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