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Gay marriage “child abuse”

A Queensland senate candidate has caused an uproar in Australia by claiming that gay marriage is “child abuse” and will lead to “uncontrollable depression and suicide”.

Family First candidate Wendy Francis, obviously a mentally challenged fucktard, made the remarks on Twitter yesterday.

She had allegedly earlier elaborated on her comments, which were soon deleted. They were said to say: “Children in homosexual relationships [we assume she means children with parents in homosexual relationships!] are subject to emotional abuse. Legitimising gay marriage is like legalising child abuse.”

Family First believes that marriage should be for heterosexual couples only, and claim they defend the rights of “Australian families”.

Wendy Francis, you are a right thick bitch.

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  1. All I had to read was “Family First” *sigh*
    Part of me wants them in parliament for the lol factor

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