GC boys and the drag queen

A number of stars from the controversial reality TV show The GC are in New Zealand this week, and one lucky Auckland drag queen ran into some of them at Denny’s and got a snapshot to prove it!

Three of the cast from The GC — which is a reality show following a number of young Maori living on the Gold Coast — had their kai crashed by a zealous drag queen fan who was able to squeeze into the party and snap a photo.

The drag queen, donning a GC necklace and apparently a regular at Denny’s, was stoked with her luck and excited to meet the boys, who happily posed before returning to their breakfast.

Gay cast member Alby Waititi didn’t make the party as he’s currently in Hong Kong for a dragon boat competition, but hottie Nate Waii is also in the country, having arrived this afternoon.

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  1. Which ones the drag queen?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Robert Haddok loves to have his picture taken with any one with a wiff of fame. He really is the Auckland version of Jevan. Fame obsessed but with no talent and run ins with the law. Love that it’s at Denny’s though. Will Mary TV be doing an Out and About at Denny’s? Was Prada waiting in the car outsde touching up his foundation??

    • Sebastian says:

      Baaaaahahaha. So true, seen both those two out and could never tell which one looked more like a girl.


  3. LOL what a huckory looking drag queen. They must have been so uncomfortable squashed up next to that!

  4. What is Mary TV?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Robbert Haddock talking to himself on youtube.
    He thinks it’s Television and he thinks people are watching. Google it. It’s worse than The GC!

  6. I thought Mary was in prison for al her dodgy dealings???

  7. Why does he call himself Mary TV. Surely to god he dosent think he has anything to do with television other than watching it??? It must stand for transvestite.

  8. Sebastian says:

    I think it’s diluted self-importance. Her and Prada are the batman and robin of gay scene

    ….if Batman dressed up as a girl
    …and Robin wore waaaaay too much foundation

  9. JasmineFan says:

    I think she’s quite hot, id do her/10

  10. damn those straight gc boys are hot !

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