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Georgina ditches Mr Gay

Tonight is the Mr Gay Wellington competition at Bodega, but word is that one of the headline judges, former MP and Mayor Georgina Beyer, has just pulled out.

The event, being organised by gay Wellington bar owner Greig Wilson, will hit the stage at Bodega this evening and was to feature ‘celebrity’ judges which also includes former TVNZ personality Steve Gray, but Beyer has pulled out over the fact that transportation was not arranged or covered by organisers.

It is alleged she was also uncomfortable that only one or two people have so far put themselves forward as entrants.

It has been suggested that controversial gay personality Jevan Goulter, close friend of Georgina Beyer, could be approached to fill in, however this would conflict with Steve Gray who threatened to walk from a previous event that had Goulter involved and is therefore unlikely.

Greig Wilson could not be reached for comment.

Mr Gay Wellington hits Wellington’s Bodega tonight.


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  1. I’ll judge! I judge people every day!

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  2. Justin and his mother says:

    Wellington is so sad, get some real celebrities in your little whole… or just do what all the people with brains do… relocate from that box of misery.

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    • Justin and his mother says:

      even andy smelt the coffee, he pissed off from that gloom trap.

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      • Aaron and Andy says:

        Wellington’s an awesome city. I’m just on exchange at the moment, but will be back!


        • Justin and his mother says:

          sorry guys I was drunk, I didn’t want to insult your city, I just had a bad experience when I was done there because I got robbed. Sorry guys.

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  3. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    Jevan had wanted to enter and was going to have Georgina rig it so he would win.
    That is the real reason she pulled out as she knew she would be accused of rigging it.

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  4. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    Also Georgina wanted a rather large sum of money for judging the competition, you know the Winz benefit doesn’t go too far these days and when she DEMANDED that amount she was rejected.


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