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Gossip popular on A&A

Gossip and scandal is as popular as ever on Aaron and Andy.com, as shown in a recent visitors’ survey.

A recent survey on Aaron and Andy.com has shown that ‘gossip and scandal’ is still the main reason people visit our website. 54% of respondents in a recent survey, asking visitors to state the main reason they visit, selected ‘gossip and scandal’. A distant second went to ‘gay news’ (21%), and ‘gay events’ (11%) was third.

Music news and feature articles came last, respectively, with just 4% and 3% of votes.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Andy.com is continuing to become more and more popular, with this month set to receive the highest hits ever. The website is currently achieving around 50,000 hits per month.

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  1. Total sample size? Margin of error?

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  2. Need more photos of shirtless hot guys. That will bring me back more!

    Also, for 50,000 views you dont have many articles. I came on a week ago and basically the same stuff is still here.

    Just a bit of advise.

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      Duly noted re: topless guys, Cameron.

      In regards to updating, we have been really lazy / busy with other things lately. We’re trying to update as much as possible. If you have any interesting leads or story ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know. 🙂

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