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Hannah JV moves on

In a shock move, Hannah JV (her name’s too long to spell out properly) has resigned her position as the editor of express — New Zealand’s only GLBT-WXYZ magazine.

When Hannah was first appointed to the role nearly four years ago, many questioned how a young, straight woman would be able to capture the mood and views of the increasingly disparate GLBT-WXYZ community. But Hannah achieved what many thought was unthinkable, and the magazine went from strength to strength. She also introduced us to one of her greatest passions — roller derby — a sport which we think should trump rugby as our national sport.

We too were initially skeptical, but Hannah’s commitment to queer issues, and effort in producing an increasingly high-quality magazine have been second to none. And we’re not just saying this because she put us on the cover twice!

Hannah moves on to a position at Dish magazine. Her last day with express is on 7 September.

Haere ra Hannah, you’ve left some very big shoes to follow!

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  1. Hannah has identified as bisexual in editorial posts. More of that invisibility issue maybe? People may recognise a gay or lesbian couple or a straight couple but how to recognise a single bisexual?

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    • How she identifies doesn’t matter as much as how people identified her. People seemed to think she was straight, especially when she started. Of course its irrelevant as Hannah did an awesome job! She turned a crappy, embarrasing rag into something pretty darn good.

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  2. News flash! says:

    Bisexuality is a fallacy. It doesnt exist. Bisexual is just another term for greedy or confused.

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    • no, Im bisexual. I am not greedy or confused, basically i get turned on by males and females, I am also into transgender mtf as well, what does that make me? tri-sexual? And Im not greedy I have slept with only one person in the last 2 years., but Im still allowed to look. For some sexuality is fluid.

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