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Is pop music not cool enough?

Lady GaGa Club IvyAndy ponders a very important question: Is pop music not cool enough for gay bars anymore?

It’s been a big debate on the all-new Aaron and Andy.com, one with life-changing ramifications for all of the world.  Well, not really!

For months and months Club Ivy hired my co-conspirator, Aaron, as the Friday and Saturday night DJ.  He preferred to call himself the Playlist Editor, since he never really mixed like a real DJ.  “Come on PE play my song!”  Doesn’t quite have the same ring, does it?

But for the past few weeks Aaron has been pushed back to Friday nights only, with a new DJ taking up residence on Saturday nights.

Aaron plays camp, trashy pop music, you see, and apparently that isn’t good enough anymore for a Saturday night crowd.

The move was no doubt initiated by the return of house-music loving Bonar Kuil, after a lengthy stint at Maya.  Bonar believes that “radio music” is the realm of “narrow minded 18-year-olds who just want to hear Bad Romance on repeat.”  He also says those who like pop music don’t spend money on drinks.  The anti-house music complainants “come out with no money and are generally too intoxicated to be on premises anyway”.

I don’t know quite where he gets those facts from, since I have friends who like pop music and buy drinks regularly at Club Ivy and Terrace Bar.

“Gay guys are supposed to be at the forefront of the dance scene, after all, the best club music originated from gay clubs in Europe”, Bonar says. “Sadly, the Wellington crowd are 20 years behind, and would rather mince around mimicking Lady Gaga in Telephone.”

But again, I have to question Bonar’s statements here.  I’ve travelled a little bit in my time, and have found that all of the popular gay bars and clubs I’ve been to in the world play upbeat, clubbed-up versions of popular music, or “radio music”, as Bonar calls it.  They don’t play house music, although you can find specific gay clubs with that twang if that’s your thing, but it definitely isn’t the norm.

Dee, a user of Aaron and Andy.com, shares much the same sentiment.  “I have been to clubs in Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, San Fran, London, Paris etc and they have pretty much all played what Bonar would label ‘radio music’.”

Dan, another website visitor, says: “Gay guys love Gaga – and I don’t think that will ever change. If they want radio music then they should get it. Variety is good… making Club Ivy a clone of Maya, Red Square, [and] to some extent Lotus, is not hot; it’s boring.”

And, I must say, I tend to agree.  When I’m out drunk with friends, I like to hear music that is familiar.  Music I can sing along to.  And, dare I say it, music I can mince along to while pretending to be Lady Gaga or Britney or No Angels.

Sorry Bonar, and sorry Club Ivy, but I just find ‘dance’ music to be boring and highly repetitive.  I can’t even usually tell when one song begins and another ends.

But, of course, that’s just my opinion.  Opinions differ from person to person, and what is amazing to one person is crap to someone else.

I think it’s a case of finding a happy medium, and trying to please as many people as possible.

I have to ask the Club Ivy staff an important question, though: Who were the people that complained about the previous pop music?  Did their complaints outweigh the complaints about the new music arrangement?  Or is this just a case of ‘we know better’ and ‘it’s our club, so you will go with what we decide and that’s it!’?  And you should think long and hard about that, because ultimately it’s the customers who will have the last say.

“At the end of the day, club music on Saturdays is here to stay at Club Ivy”, Bonar says.  “Get over it and go listen to your Gaga.”

Hey, I think I might.  Friday night could be the new Saturday night.  Who’s with me?

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  1. Of course pop is cool enough! It will always be cool!

    I’ll think about going out fridays instead of Saturdays now. 🙂

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  2. I’m down with that. See you all Friday night :p

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  3. sweet see you all on friday nights then. I too have travelled and Bon’s gisborne mentality is what proberly got him fired (its true it happened) from Maya in the first place.

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  4. K bar saturdays instead then…

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  5. As a former bar owner I did not let my personal taste affect the music, and that is what Bon is doing with Ivy’s music.

    You have to cater for the crowd, and the wellington scene isn’t the Ibiza scene or Miami Scene (which actually play alot of ‘radio music’) This is how bars die they don’t listen to the crowd they listen to there arrogant self obsessed managers.

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  6. So Friday night is the new Saturday night – sounds good to me. And there are other places to explore on Saturday night – if I have to listen to House then I might as well have a change of scenery to go with it.!

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  7. Geez, I wish they would let Justin DJ again.

    All I want to do when I get to the club is dance my pussy off to pop music, not get beaten up, and be done with it for a week.

    Last Saturday was death.

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  8. The crowd at Ivy could never be described as cool, and a cooler sound in the club (even if it’s intermixed with some handbag remixes of chart hits) is never going to go change the tastes of the venue goers – and there aren’t enough punters to try and sustain an edgier music policy unless it’s a one-off circuit part.

    This is the club where at the height of the night, an emply dancefloor suddenly because packed when the DJ dropped the “coolest” track on the planet (not) – Don’t Stop Believing from Glee.

    He’s fighting a losing battle.

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  9. Swindon Sam says:

    I think Ivy should have monthly hardout club nights. It would keep most of the current punters happy and would subtlely introduce them to a harder dance sound, plus by making a more special occasion, it’d really attract in the crowd that lieks that sorta stuff.

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  10. generic gay says:

    That explains it. Last saturday night at Ivy was AWFUL. For my own listening pleasure, I do not listen to typical pop music, but when I’m out at a club, I want the guys to be having fun and the floor to be packed. I wouldn’t list lady gaga as someone I like, but when she is played, people dance. I was there on Saturday from about 12:30 to 2:30 and it sucked. There were typically 5 or 6 people dancing and the bar was dead. At one point the DJ played some remixes of some more familiar songs and people came to the dance floor. Then he went back to playing the other stuff and people left. The DJ should be in tune with the crowd, and he was not. As for people buying drinks – well most people were leaving, and an empty bar doesn’t buy drinks. If I was the owner I would definitely not be asking him back.

    The DJ also seems to be greatly confused about the type of club. It’s one thing to DJ as he would like to do, if you’re in a large warehouse club and people are coming for that experience. I’ve been to those type of clubs as well and they’re fun. But that’s not what club Ivy is.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Generic gay: you may be generic, but you have hit the nail on the head. I have very good taste in music. I would not normally listen to Beyonce/Lady Gaga/Glee. It’s hardly fucking Mozart, but its what we want to hear when out to dance/touch randoms/see our weekend gay pals. The number one rule of customer service is GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY FUCKING WANT! The end.

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  12. Hamilfish says:

    If the dreary club music is back on Saturday this drink buying gay will spend his money elsewhere. Pure and simple.

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  13. Totally agree Andy! Went to Ivy last Saturday and the music was laaaaaame. Bring back Aaron’s clubbed up pop!!

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  14. A gay friend of mine is dissapointed theres no gay clubs anywhere doing metal and just harder music. He said its all stereoype music always. I like me pop but then again i do listen to cradle of filth and within temptation. but no more lady ga ga gag her.

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