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Club Ivy launches pop night

Club Ivy has launched a pop music-only night to please a “wider range of musical tastes”.

Camp Attack, taking over the club every Friday night, will begin next week and will feature Aaron and Andy.com‘s DJ Aaron.

Club Ivy owner Greig Wilson says it’s hard to please everyone, and Camp Attack will help with that.  “It was created as we can’t please everyone all the time, so having a series of club nights with a unique musical theme will appeal to different people.”

Greig says the recent uproar over music at Club Ivy was in relation to a stand-in DJ and not the new resident DJ for Saturday nights.  “DJ Empire is the Saturday resident who brings to the job an excellent DJ CV, and is open to all sorts of music types and requests.”

An ability to read a crowd and play what the customers want to hear are qualities Club Ivy look for in resident DJs, Greig says.  “I was a DJ for ten years,” he says.  “So I understand it’s very important to be in sync with your audience.”

Greig wants to stress that pop music is “here to stay” at Club Ivy, and won’t be phased out.  “We love Lady Gaga, just not ten times every night,” he laughs.

Club Ivy is also launching a monthly retro night, featuring music from the 80s and 90s.  Keep an eye on the Club Ivy website for details.

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  1. So really what’s being said is, nothing is changing but we’ve got a new poster and name for Friday nights now, oh, and once a month a retro night. oh ok. kool.


    Nill interest

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  2. Mr Negativity. At least the owner is aware of all the controversy, actually slowly acting on it too =)
    I’m easy but do prefer a happy dancing crowd around when I go out.

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  3. Jason Donovan says:

    Please please please make the retro nights on SaturdaY!

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  4. Slowly being the operative word.

    If you want punters staying, i think drink specials will help.

    I think I’ll stay at Mighty Mighty a little longer on Saturday nights too. Cheaper alcohol and fabulous music!


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