Ivy’s lessa queen announced

Ivy Bar, which reopens it’s doors later this year, has appointed VUWSA Queer Rights officer, Genevieve Fowler as their  ‘lesbian correspondent’.

The bar sent out a call for a woman to help post pics of hot woman, comment on lesbian issues, and bring more balance “as the current homosexual administration is a bit one sided”, and says they received a lot of great applicants.

Hopefully this means we’ll see a more-inclusive Ivy Bar for the whole spectrum of the queer community!



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  1. James F says:

    Hopefully she’ll bring them loads of positive publicity, like she was able to do for [Public.]

    Oh, wait…

  2. Snap!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This makes me laugh. I’m sure she will enjoy her $20 bar tab.

  4. She might be a idiot, but I never realised how good she looks. Almost could be on the Jackie Brown Diaries!

    • You haven’t seen her in real life, have you? She looks like a snarled up pug dog, and she’s really short. Definitely has short woman syndrome..

      • Must be some serious photoshopping going on there then, coz she looks like a total fox in that. Not at all like the man hating, rotten seafood diner that I thought she would be like.

      • I’d love to see what you look like in real life, you vicious, conniving piece of work.

        Anyway, she’s not even short. I’d lean more towards thinking that Gen is perfectly proportioned.

  5. When you stop using misandrous language like dick. You’d be crying misogyny if someone used cunt as a dimutive!

    • Checking ‘use of non-existent terms like misandrist’ off my feminist bingo card, thanks! I’ll get a bingo off you easily. Enjoy rolling around in your false equivalence, I hope it smells like the sweat behind your tiny balls.

  6. Houston. says:

    Genevieve lesbian rep, take 2.

  7. Do you sweat behind your balls? How’s that even possible?

  8. Suzy Cato says:

    Urgh why her?! Did no other women apply?

  9. how dare she says:

    why is this little troll showing up again? how dare she, I wont be going to that club because of her

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