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Kim’s wedding fake: GRRR!

Kim Kardashian has become the unlikely face of marriage inequality, and the gays are mad!


Yesterday’s announcement by reality TV star Kim Kardashian that she will be divorcing her husband of 72-days has angered lots of gays, especially now that reports suggest the wedding was a publicity stunt.

A story by RadarOnline has reported that a friend close to the family says the wedding was a publicity stunt designed to make cash. This has angered gays around the world who feel this is a direct slap in the face — we still can’t get married in most places because it threatens the ‘sanctity of marriage’, yet stunts like this can be pulled by any hetero that sees fit to rape the institution for cash.

The wedding apparently netted the family a whopping NZ$23m, which included exclusive photos with People magazine, who are surely going to be pissed at the idea that their readers were duped.

Back to the Kardashian insider: “It was pretty much an arranged marriage right from the start,” they said. “Kim was looking for a husband and Kris was selected for her, amongst others. She wasn’t really into him but she hoped she would be able to develop some feelings, but it never happened. She was never particularly attracted to him.”

For starters, how can she not be attracted to Kris fucking Humphries?!?! Anyways, back to more serious issues.

It just seems absolutely abysmal that heteros can do whatever they want to the sanctity (more like sanc-tittehz!) of marriage, yet gay men and women are accused of ruining the institution, even before we’re given the pleasure to do so. Sheesh.

The stars have aligned to make Kim Kardashian the unlikely face of marriage inequality, which I’m sure the powerhouse family didn’t plan on.

Two lesbians from The Real L Word wrote Kim an open letter slamming her for her short marriage and asking her to donate some money to a charity fighting for equal marriage rights.

Gay Australia website SameSame also trashed the Kardashian: “Even after such a short period of engagement it seems the media supported Kim’s right to get married in such a lavish and ostentatious way (which was completely paid by sponsorship), but the rights of same sex couples who have endured longer and through more hardship are still being ignored.”

Even septic blogger Perez Hilton got in on the debate. ‘I love @KimKardashian, but as a gay man in America who is treated as a second class citizen when it comes to civil marriage, I am offended!’, he Tweeted.

Some are calling for Kim to run her own marriage equality campaign, especially since sisters Khloe and Kourtney have previously supported gay rights initiatives.

Will Kim step up and put her money where her mouth is (at least some of the funds from her ‘wedding’)? Such huge media interest would surely help in the push for marriage equality, at least in the USA. How cool would it be if she actually took the piss out of herself in a pro-gay marriage ad?! “I’m Kim Kardashian, and my 72-day marriage goes to show that the institution is not sanctimonious!”

Until then, I’m not sure I can support the Kardashian brand anymore. As SameSame put it so eloquently, I’m Breaking Up With The Kardashians.

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  1. I love Khloe – She is a GRAND supporter for gay rights (Drag Queen look like comp). Kim how ever does make me angry as – yes, making money from something so easy to straight couples when we still fight EVERY DAY for the equal right.
    I don’t believe she should front up her own cash as, she made it… How ever just as a spokes person, would be valuable enough, her fame could pull a lot of focus to the points where it is needed.
    This is also a great argument towards those who feel that gay marriage would corrupt the sanctity of marriage – Elizabeth Taylor (7 times and 8 engagements) Kim (twice, although annulment does mean only once is considered legal) James Cameron (5 times) Britney Spears (Who knows!) Donald Trump (Coming up to his fourth) Charles Prince of Wales (TWICE) what does this all say to you, BREEDERS are able to piss all over marriage, yet we don’t have the RIGHT!

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    • I find the term ‘Breeders’ really offensive. It shits all over the idea that people within the queer community can raise a family, and that a queer or rainbow family is a normal, healthy outcome.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Who in their right mind would want this spoilt, slutty, waste of space as a gay marriage spokesperson! I have had conversations with disabled people that I’m sure were more insightful than one with Kim Kardashian would be.

      This woman is a talentless whore who has nothing better to do. Reality TV, sex tape and now fake marriage.

      And now we are all giving her the attention she doesn’t deserve. Myself included. Let’s just ignore her.

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  2. Gummy Sue says:

    I love how gays beg for rights while dictating how others use there rights…. We do however love Madonna for purchasing babies from 3rd world nations though!

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  3. JasmineFan says:

    wot up bitches my names macky and im from auckland what up wot op!

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