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The Kylie Countdown #8

We’re very much excited about the July release of Kylie Minogue’s eleventh album, Aphrodite.

We’re sure you are too, and if not there’s something wrong with you, or you’re just not familiar with her work. But never fear! We’re gonna be looking at each of her albums, counting our way down to our favourite!

Our eighth favourite is Kylie Minogue, known amongst fans as KM94 as her next album also ended up self-titled, but we’ll get to that soon.

Released: September 1994

Biggest hits: Confide In Me was the only big hit: #1 Australia, Finland , South Africa; #2 in the UK; #5 Japan; #10 Sweden, France; #12 New Zealand, Ireland.

Producers/songwriters: Anyone cool at the time including M People, Pet Shop Boys, Brothers In Rhythm.

Best track: Confide In Me — following the frothy pop of the SAW-produced albums, this was a huge step for Kylie. Amazing song, stunning video, the stars aligned!

Worst track: Where Has The Love Gone? — more like when does this song end?

The stats: While it still managed platinum sales in Australia and gold in the UK, it only sold marginally better than previous effort Let’s Get To It. Lead single Confide In Me became her biggest hit in years, and last British top 10 until Spinning Around six years later.

What we think: Perhaps a bit too much style over substance, it definitely took Kylie into a much cooler dance-orientated direction. Songs like If I Was Your Lover and Dangerous Game showed the range that Kylie was capable. Another mixed bag, but with amazing styling, KM94 sits at #8 on our list of World’s Best Kylie Minogue albums.

Warner Music are digging out the Kylie vaults for a massive Kylie competition here on Aaron and Andy.com — stay tuned to the countdown for your chance to win!

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  1. Swindon Sam says:

    Totally wrong. This is her best album ever! It gave her total cred in the club scene and still sounds great on the dancefloor, although I’ve not heard much of it in clubs here, but back home in the UK it’s tracks are still cranked up a lot.

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