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Kylie’s hot knuckleduster

Kylie Minogue Get Out Of My Way knuckleduster screenshotPop icon Kylie Minogue has premiered the video for her new single, Get Outta My Way, and she looks fierce as fuck with one of the hottest knuckledusters in history!

Kylie has a thing for amazing knuckledusters, having a fabby one emblazoned with her name for 2002’s In Your Eyes video, which was available for sale from her website for a cool few hundred pounds. There’s no word on whether her latest iconic jewellery will be available for sale.

In the rest of video she wears a very low cut dress similar to her Slow number, as well as the second most amazing gloves in the world (beaten only by Rachel Stevens’ legendary pink gloves) that light up her face. Plus she leads an army of topless men, featuring an amazing camp-pop interpretation of the famous photo from World War II’s Iwo Jima. Hot!

Stylie Kylie is back! Get Outta My Way is currently at radio now — request it!

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  1. Fierce! You could poke someone’s eyes out with that!

    Choreography is great!

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  2. Pollyfilla says:

    That and the Gold dress are either by The Blonds, or William Baker has done a rip off job….

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  3. video sucks

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  4. RICKY Sumpter says:

    vid is blocked

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    • Anonymous says:

      what ever happened to you Ricky? are u still posting on here or did you die in the earthquake?

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