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Lautner’s push-up challenge

Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner has been challenged to a push-up challenge in order to settle a legal dispute.

Brent McMahon, who owns McMahon’s RV in Irvine, California, is being sued by Lautner over a customised RV that the star was to use as an on-set changing room. It wasn’t completed in time.

Lautner is seeking $40,000 as a settlement in the case, but McMahon is willing to have a push-up contest instead, with the winner getting the $40,000.

The dealership owner said he would donate the money, if he won, to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, although it doesn’t look like Lautner is entertaining the idea.

Do it, Taylor! And take pictures for us!

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  1. Go Sexy You can do it!

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  2. i luv his dick

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  3. Steven Oate's stupid looking face pose for the camera says:

    its cause all he can do is chest press on those poxy machines in those expensive gyms,

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  4. go sexy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. who is Shandy and Sharon? says:

    when we talk about this sort of thing an obvious duo springs to mind, one whereby a component of the duo comes equipped with a surprise

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  6. $40,000? really? uff… seems like no matter how good you look with your shirt off, you can still be a complete douchbag. I hope Taylor accepts and loses.

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