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Love march Thursday

LegaliseLove will march from Civic Square to Parliament this Thursday in an attempt to achieve equal marriage and adoption rights for “queer” New Zealanders.

The group, recently formed by students at Victoria University of Wellington, have been planning the march for a few months. The march on Thursday will be the culmination of their work.

“The support LegaliseLove has received has been overwhelming, from a broad cross-section of society,” says LegaliseLove President Joseph Habgood.

Speaking at the rally will be Fionnaigh McKenzie, a prominent member of St. Andrews on the Terrace. “I look forward to celebrating another milestone in our country’s history when we achieve equality for non-heterosexual New Zealanders,” she said. “As a Christian, I believe we must challenge all forms of injustice, including discriminatory laws. We can create a more inclusive society where all families are supported and given equal opportunities.”

Also speaking will be Brooklynne Kennedy, an American-born queer rights activist and leader of TRANZform in Wellington; Nicole Brasch, a former student of Marlborough Girls’ College and passionate queer rights advocate; and Joseph Habgood, as the campaign’s president.

This year has been a remarkable year for queer rights all around the world, with New York making the historic decision to fully support same-sex marriage, as well as the United States repealing the policy commonly known as ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’, whereby homosexuals were forbidden to disclose their sexuality in order to serve in the military. Tasmania’s Parliament has also recently pledged to support gay marriage in Australia.

The LegaliseLove March for Equality takes place from midday this Thursday, and will then move to Parliament. Take a long lunch break, call in sick, put down that study, and help to LegaliseLove!

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  1. What the fick does ‘legalising love’ entail? what is wrong with gays?

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    • These crazy people (crazy!) want gays to have the right to marry each other. I personally think marriage shouldn’t be burdened on any human being.

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  2. There already is equality in marriage. Nothing prevents gay guys marrying women!

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  3. Why on earth would sane folk want to rally for conservative institutions like marriage?

    I suppose whatever tickles their fancy.

    Adoption rights agreed.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    i want the right to marry a dog if i choose to, or marry my pet cat, i feel like a second class citizen because i cant have this right

    guys i would also like to legally adopt a chinese baby and raise it as a cis gender post op bisexual

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  5. I agree with all points above – BUT THEN WHY – since there’s such clear opposition to the uber-Conservtive homophobic institution of marriage – which is really about slavery and ownership [other than the dog and bi chinaman baby – I’d add dwarfs as well, i don’t begrudge the odd homo-dyke-bi-other-dwarf] why the heck are so many batty boys collectively mincing tomorrow?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    my fish is ‘cis-gender’

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  7. Anonymous says:

    my pet poodle wants an op, will she be able to marry my mums mother? and will their adopted pigeon be recognized as a child.

    She is on winz and needs funding from winz for the op

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  8. Anonymous says:

    hi guys i want to marry a goose that i met at western springs pond

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  9. Anonymous says:

    we met when i was at a picnic with my cis gendered mother, i fed her/him some bread

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  10. This discussion is hilarious! It’s so true that Legalise Love is just a crock of shit. It won’t work, not least of all because the organisers are idiots. No one cares about gay marriage at the moment. Soz folks!

    Gay marriage will come about some time soon, but not because of Legalise Love, which will disappear after this pathetic attempt tomorrow.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper,
      What shall we give him? Brown bread and butter.
      How shall he cut it without a knife?
      How shall he marry without a wife?

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    • Agreed! Its time will come, but it really shouldn’t be a priority right now. The economy, unemployment, Rena etc etc are far more important

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    • I’d rather not see marriage’s time come. I’d rather it just faded into obscurity

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  11. Tumeke Poneke says:

    I am a gay man but I won’t be marching today.

    The group put me off with their clicky, authoritarian attitude.

    The members that I know have absolutely zero experience and are quite nieve.

    Legalize Love don’t appear to have the support of the community. No community figures or organisations are behind them. THIS IS VERY TELLING.

    Gay marriage is very low on my bucket list. How about youth suicide?

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  12. Lol, you queers. Exactly the kind of internal bitchiness that doesn’t help us.

    @Stephii — I see where you’re coming from, but it’s just not going to happen. Gay marriage is palatable and do-able. It’s MUCH easier to give rights rather than take them away. Futhermore, marriage as an institution isn’t about to fade away (it’s been around for centuries..) so I wouldn’t hold my thundercunt (so to speak), if I was you. Yup, marriage may have a tarnished and conservative past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t have a more liberalised future.

    @Tumeke Poneke — various MPs have spoken out in support of this movement. Awks. Use your brain: legalising gay marriage would actually reduce teen suicide. I wouldn’t usually make the effort to explain something so simple, but I’ll spell it out for you, seeing as you apparently lack cognitive independence: positive law changes for queers = wider societal acceptance = that queer kid growing up in Westport seeing it in the media and thinking that MAYBE there’s some hope. Yeah, suicide is tragic. Do you think that the march is on October 20th for no reason? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_Day

    @LOL!! — Unnecessarily patronising. LOL!! I don’t see you standing up for your rights. Glad someone else is, at the very least, making an attempt to. LOL!!

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