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Lesbians pissed at Kardashian

The Real L Word‘s Jill Goldstein and Nikki Weiss-Goldstein are pissed at Kim Kardashian after news of her divorce, after just 72 days, from super-hottie Kris Humphries. They wrote Kim an open letter.

The pair, who were “unlawfully wed” last year, plead with their fellow reality TV star to donate some of the millions she will have made from the short marriage and donate it to the Human Rights Campaign, which is fighting for equal marriage rights.

They also mention that same-sex couples in the United States are denied more than 1,000 federal protections because they are not able to marry. “We wonder if you appreciated just how many rights your marriage with Kris was afforded when you collected all those profits.”

You can read their full letter to Kim Kardashian below.

‘Dear Kim Kardashian,

Like much of the world, we were made aware of the news of your impending divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days of marriage. We are sorry for any personal anguish this is causing you. No one likes to hear about hardships when it comes to matters of the heart.

That said Kim, we can’t help but wonder if your “sacred union” was indeed a ploy to boost the ratings of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, while earning millions of dollars from the media in the process.

That thought greatly disturbs us.

As businesswomen, we respect your entrepreneurial spirit. But using a wedding/marriage as a catalyst to further your brand recognition, your celebrity, and your wallet is truly hurtful to those of us who so deeply value the union and yet are unjustly denied the right.

Did you know that gays are denied more than 1,000 federal protections as a result of not being allowed to legally marry? Are you able to understand how devastating it is to love someone dearly, want to spend your life with them through a legally recognized and respected union, only to be denied that civil right because people in position of political power don’t think it’s “right”?

We were unlawfully wed in the State of California on October 10, 2010, where amongst dear family and friends, we vowed to love, honor, cherish, and respect one another. It was truly the most magical day of our lives. Yet despite how meaningful and genuine our commitment to one another was, that “I Do” was not enough to protect our relationship. We had to take countless measures to ensure that our honorable bond was guarded, in areas of healthcare, parenting, benefits, and taxes—just to name a few. We wonder if you appreciated just how many rights your marriage with Kris was afforded when you collected all those profits.

Kim, we have no doubt that a woman as smart, savvy, and beautiful as you will find love and marriage again. But for the respect of the millions of people who hear about it at every turn (many of whom you rely on to build your brand) please do take into consideration the uphill battle that so many of us have to fight for marriage equality. Perhaps you can demonstrate a bit more respect for the union next time around, instead of using it as a business gain.

We leave you with this idea: Why not take a portion of the millions of dollars you earned on your wedding and donate it to the Human Rights Campaign to help fight for marriage equality? It would speak very loudly.’

Source: The Advocate

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  1. Gummy Sue says:

    lol bitches need to calm there lesbian asses down…. just proves how unsacred marriage really is…. who do they think they are getting high and mighty at kim over a wedding? it’s her right to get married if she wants too, divorce as well… fake marriage whatever who cares…

    PC bullshit world gone mad!

    abolish civil unions now thanks :p

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  2. Why do ignorant imbeciles like “Gummy Sue” even bother to look at sites like A&A if they are so ignorant & bigoted??
    If you don’t like it stay away!!

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  3. Gummy Who?

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  4. That Gummy person messaged me on nzdating the other day. Needless to say, I didn’t respond.

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