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LegaliseLove hits Beehive

A group of around 100 marched on Parliament today as part of LegaliseLove’s push for equal marriage and adoption rights for “queers”.

The event was organised by a group of Victoria University students who chose Spirit Day to make their voices heard. “[W]hile the event is original [sic] about the bullying faced by American LGBT students, we feel that it can easily become so much more,” the group’s website says.

Organisers expected hundreds more to join the march than actually did, with over 700 confirming they’d attend on Facebook, but the 100 or so that turned up made up for the lack of people power with loud chanting and bright rainbow flags.

The group anticipated on their Facebook page that some would not be able to make it because of the timing of the event. “If their [sic] is any way you can take the day off, expand your lunch break, pull a sicky, please come, of course don’t get into trouble.”

Parliament dissolved this morning, with the march arriving two hours later. Lesbian Labour MP Maryan Street was still around to meet the group when they arrived, but other gay MPs couldn’t make it, including Green MP Kevin Hague who was out of town.

LegaliseLove president Joseph Habgood says many Kiwis are unaware gay marriage is not legal. “The biggest response we’ve had so far is not against gay marriage, it is utter shock that we don’t already have it.”

The march did not seem to have any immediate effect on the government, with Prime Minister John Key saying that there are much more important issues to deal with this election.

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  1. How disgusting that they can’t even use correct spelling and grammar on their Facebook page. How is anyone meant to take them seriously? And why protest on the day that Parliament dissolves!?

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  2. Tumeke Poneke says:

    It turned out exactly how I thought it would! Like a total fizz.

    Consider this http://debatewise.org/debates/215-adult-incest-should-be-legalised

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  3. Oh well, atleast they tried, but what a shame about the turnout.

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  4. Just what we need: a petty, symbolic law change in times of economy struggle. I wish more gays would have an attitude like our great (and gay) Attorney-General Chris FInlayson. He just gets on with trying to make New Zealand a better place and doesn’t let his sexuality define who he is wholly. A great man.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get this equality argument. Since when were gays prevented from marrying the opposite sex?

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  6. Bolshevik Bill says:

    There were way more than 100 on that march; possibly more like 300. And it represented a genuine part of the struggle toward equality. If they involve the full range of queer organisations and their potential allies, we can expect far bigger actions in the future.

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    • Gummy Sue says:

      Don’t hold your breath! Unless you have Club Ivy giving out free bar tabs to those that attend!

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    • Not many if any says:

      Nah, 150 people max. Also, most media are reporting 100 – 150, as well as this site.

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  7. Bolshevik Bill says:

    The media have usually (over the last forty years) undercounted demonstrations

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