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Majority for gay adoption

A recent poll has shown majority support for same-sex couples being able to adopt, following Green MP Kevin Hague’s push for gay rights as an election issue.

The latest Herald DigiPoll has shown that more than half (53.4%) of the poll respondents think the law needs to be changed to allow same-sex couples to adopt, while 38% disagreed and 7.7 didn’t know or couldn’t answer.

Gay Green MP Kevin Hague has been a driving force behind gay rights in Parliament recently, forming a cross-party group that specifically discusses gay issues.

“It’s great to see that most New Zealanders now support this, and I’m confident that once it’s in place, that majority will increase even more,” he says. “What should be at the centre of adoption laws is putting the interests of the child first. To do that you’ve got to have all the options on the table.”

Hague believes neither National nor Labour have the back-bone to enforce law change. “Six Labour MPs voted against civil unions, which had been their policy, so we don’t know whether Labour would do this.”

Good work Kevin, keep it up! It’s great to see an effective and competent force pushing for gay rights.

Source: NZHerald

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