Meet Miss Fag Hag 2010!

Shaaron and Shandy with Miss Fag Hag

We’re over the national council elections! What people really want to know is who won Miss Fag Hag Wellington 2010!

Thirteen girls entered the Miss Fag Hag Wellington 2010 pageant last night at Club Ivy — hosted by Aaron and‘s Shaaron and Shandy — which were whittled down to 5 before the winner was announced thanks to audience vote.

The winner, 20-year-old Courtney Havill, took away the title and the prizes after a very close result with Kelly, who referred to herself as Kelly-oke on the night.

You may remember last year’s second place was removed by security shortly after the winner was announced — well last night’s event was certainly not void of its own scandal.

At one point the stage was swamped with drunk girls who failed to enter by filling in a form, and thought they could just go on stage with the other entrants. At another point security was called to remove a drunk gay who lunged on the stage and tried to grab the list of finalists from Shandy before they were announced.

You could cut the tension with a knife as different factions of Wellington gays vied for their fag hags to win, and there was plenty of bitchy disappointment as each girl was eliminated.

The winner took away gift baskets from The Guava Tree and Salute Hair and Day Spa, plus a $250 bar tab from Club Ivy, free coffee from Eden Café and Wine Bar, and makeup from Thin Lizzy.

Thanks to all of the fabulous girls that entered, and all the fags that came out to support them, plus our fantastic sponsors listed above.

Check out the photo album of the night.

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  1. Ha-ha what drama. Luckily it was a great night and it was awesome meeting all the other fag-hags 🙂

  2. Wellington has ‘gay factions’? Lol

  3. Am I the only one who had never seen or heard of this girl before??????

  4. She said she doesn’t do the whole scene thing, but heaps of people at Ivy knew who she was. She’s big on the Vic UniQ front apparently?!

  5. Hmmm….guess the gays she hangs out with are obviously not elite then.

  6. Or you’re not in her elite group of gays. She did win the vote so obviously this apparent nobody did something right?!

  7. WOAH this girl won the crowds vote and 5 minutes later she’s being accused of not being in “the scene”. This sort of attitude is what gives us fags a bad rep. Be supportive of the girl, she came out to support her fags! And clearly your “elite” candidate didn’t win…

  8. I’m her “elite group of gays” and would just like to say that she is an amazing girl who is very involved in the gay scene at Vic. I congratulate her on her win. GO COURTNEY!

  9. To Anon – judging by the massive applause that Courtney got, and the fact that she won, I would say that yes, you are the only person who hasn’t heard of her. Love that girl.

  10. Awww thanks for the support guys, I’m really happy that I won. I don’t feel like I really need to justify anything. I love my fags so so much, I entered for them, and I’m proud to be Miss Fag Hag 2010. x

  11. JasmineFan says:

    is the carpet the same colour down below love?

  12. Superficial diva latina says:

    i wish i went, shes pretty, a great choice 🙂

  13. AWESOME!! Courtney is a wonderful, beautiful woman and I’m so glad she won.

  14. JasmineFan says:


  15. JasmineFan stop embarassing yourself and Jasmine. If this is any representation of what Jasmine’s crowd acts like (like immature idiots) then I’m glad the other girl won. Boo you JasmineFan.

    • JasmineFan says:

      I have never met Jasmine in real life

    • JasmineFan says:

      if the Jasmine you are referring to was a competitor at fag hag competition…. my name is in reference to someone else altogheter, my name is in reference to someone that was featured in an article on here a while back whom i saw the photo of and was in love at first sight.

      • Oh so you’re just ripping into her for no reason? Makes way more sense now…..

        • JasmineFan says:

          nope, i just think she is hot and would love to see her tits and minge, you can interpret that as a rip if u want, or as a compliment…. I do not care either way!

  16. Do the gay elite even have fag hags?

  17. I’m pretty sure anyone with no friends could just refer to themselves as “elite”…..

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