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Melissa Etheridge touring NZ

Melissa Etheridge Fearless Love album coverFuck yes! legendary lessa rocker Melissa Etheridge is hitting New Zealand for her first shows in nearly two decades in July 2012.

Melissa is one of the most successful out rockstars in the world, having sold in excess of  30 million records worldwide, nominated for 15 Grammy Awards, and winning the Academy Award for the An Inconvenient Truth theme song I Need To Wake Up. In New Zealand she has scored several hit albums including her double-platinum eponymous debut album and the gold-selling Your Little Secret.

Melissa publicly came out in 1993 with the release of Yes I Am, and featured on the episode of Ellen where the character and comedian came out. Since then she has been a tireless advocate of GLBT rights and has written some of the most poignant songs for our community including Scarecrow (about the murder of Matthew Sheppard) and Tuesday Morning (about Mark Bingham, one of the passengers suspected of trying to stop the hijackers  on United Airlines flight 93).

Melissa will be hitting Auckland’s Civic Theatre on 6 July and Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre on 7 July. Tickets go on sale on 14 November at Ticketek.

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  1. Can't wait! says:

    She is a legend. Can’t wait! Best night to find me a new girlfriend too!

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  2. Boudreaux Imbruglia says:

    I think she may have to downsize her venues as the two listed are a little too big for her to fill or even half fill.

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