Men preparing for Urge:Black

Rumour has it that a number of gay men in Wellington are letting their bodies become slightly more natural in preparation for the upcoming Urge:Black men’s party later this month.

The organisers of the event are Urge Bar from Auckland, notorious for its bear culture of body hair, bellies, and moustaches. This has sent a few gay men that we know of in Wellington into a flutter: they’ve given themselves a few weeks to let their body hair run rife!

Tickets to the event, which will be held at Emperor’s Bathhouse, are selling well and the organisers are expecting a huge crowd.

We’ll be there, but we’re not sure if we’ll be sporting moustaches just yet!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    another way they’re preparing themselves that u didn’t mention is they are all dooshing themselves silly and walking round with butt plugs in

  2. Question says:

    What about bi/pansexual men?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i dont know

  4. Sebastian says:

    Hope the Emperors douch facility will have proper douches this time. Not a garden hose nozzle like last time :/ gross…

  5. Sebastian says:

    There was only one. Didn’t use it myself (ew), but it was deffo used by more than one person that night. Shudder to think how dirty the bucket it was kept in was…

  6. Sebastian says:

    Well, shit IS a bio-hazard…

    • Anonymous says:

      my lord that surely is in breech of health regulations, did you instruct the management of this operational flaw?

  7. Sebastian says:

    I didnt use it. Not really my place to tell a bath-house about hygiene regulations. Just a punter making an observation

  8. Hey Guys,

    In regards to the douches:
    1. We use disposable materials (hence the garden hoses and the heads) that are replaced every week. It doesn’t look the best, but it helps keen them clean. (It is standard practice not to replace the douching ‘gun’ – most places only soak clean their douche heads, we change them on a regular basis)

    2. At all times the douche heads are kept in a small bucket of rather powerful medical grade disinfectant. These are checked by our staff every hour, to ensure that the douche head is clean and that the buckets have sufficient sanitiser in them.

    3. Given the medical grade disinfectant, there is no chance you can catch an STI off them.

    4. We are completely up to health grade, and actually pleasantly surprised the inspector given that we exceed it in most areas.

    5. Like all of the facilities on our site, things are kept to the standard of clean that both myself and the staff would be happy to use the facilities ourselves.

    What I will do though, is get a small stock of the douching ‘guns’ that will be available for purchase, that you can buy and dispose of after you use them.


    Scott D

    • drug me up to my eye balls and fist me up to my eye balls says:

      douching at a sauna sounds like a nasty and revolting business. what sort of drugs does one have to be on to go through with such an act?

      Crete (2006) states “If one takes lots of ecstasy or meth, one gets Horney and begs to be fisted or blocked in a dark maze, this will require douching”.

  9. drug me up to my eye balls and fist me up to my eye balls says:

    At a sauna called CountryMens in Auckland which was downtown near the old train station someone shitted in the spa pool, people also used to shit in the rooms and the maze

  10. Heh, that god our customers tend to be pretty good!

    For those of you extra worried about making sure you have a hygienic means of getting back there all sparkly clean, we will have the additional douche heads available for purchase tomorrow.

    (I think it’s amazing that I can say that without cracking a smile)

    • drug me up to my eye balls and fist me up to my eye balls says:

      some guy once asked if he could watch me douche, is that common at your establishment?

  11. Lol, he must have seen something in common between you and the act he was wanting to watch…

  12. Sebastian says:

    That’s good. Thanks for putting my mind at ease

    • You’re more than welcome.

      • drug me up to my eye balls and fist me up to my eye balls says:

        when I leave this party I am just gonna spend the rest of my life walking round with a gaping wound for an asshole


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