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Mike Puru is homophobic

Mike Puru and his fiancé Regan

Out-gay Edge radio personality Mike Puru has announced that he is a homophobic idiot.


The insecure gay revealed his feelings about being openly gay to Herald reporter Michele Hewitson, and he comes across like a total fuckwit.

He said he won’t show any public affection to his fiancé—including walking in the streets holding hands—and also has a phobia about walking with his dogs, who he fears people will say are ‘gay’, even though it’s actually him who labels them. “Regan [his fiancé] insists on getting these gay dogs,” Puru told the reporter. “At least it’s not a poodle!” *face palm*.

The idiot goes on about how he doesn’t like stereotypes surrounding being gay and doesn’t want to be judged as being gay, even though he happens to be just that. “… maybe I’m a homophobic homo.”

Puru joins other insecure separatist homos who insist that gays appearing hetero is the only way to be. “He’s completely straight,” he says of his partner. “Well, he’s not completely straight! Ha, ha. But, you know, he can go to a bar and people wouldn’t think he was gay or anything.” Wow, what a fuckwit.

The discussion then turns to Puru “pretending” to be straights for years — I’m sorry, but isn’t ‘straight-acting’ pretending to be straight? You’re still doing it, buddy!

It turns out Puru doesn’t mind being gay when it comes to getting cock, though. He revels to the reporter about his apparent hook-up with a member of the Vengaboys. Boom, boom, boom, boom, anyone? (He once hit me up for a hook-up online and said, before he sent his picture, that I need to be very discrete because he works in radio and TV. ‘Are you Mike Puru?’ was my instant response, and this was years before he ‘came out’.)

I completely understand that some people aren’t comfortable with their sexuality, and that some gays don’t at all conform to stereotypes, but Mike, you’re a public figure. You came out as gay (which was an awesome thing to do) and no doubt helped many young people struggling with their own sexualities to face their own uphill battles. But turning around and saying such divisive and homophobic things about being gay is a slap in the face to gay men and women all over New Zealand.

You are a fuckwit, and you’ve just lost any cred you gained from your coming out on the radio.

PS: Try my patented test: I call it Andy’s Straight-Acting Test, and it’s infallible. Try saying ‘straight-acting’ ten times really fast with a cock in your mouth. Yeah.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a total cock! Typical closetcase loser.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Why did he bother coming out at all if he hates being a homo so much? This is spitting in the face of the gay and lesbian community. What a cock.

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  3. Gross. How disgustingly offensive. Bai, plz!

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  4. That’s sad. Shame on you Mike.

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  5. I don’t think he’s come across very well at all, however I do agree with him in the fact that I don’t want people to know me as gay, I don’t want it to be everything about me, more its just a part of who I am. I want to be know for my successes and achievements, not my sexuality.

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    • Yes but not wanting to hold your partner’s hand because you’re scared of what people will think is hardly an achievement is it.

      You can have people know you’re gay, be very open about it and be a success. Ian McKellan, Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Fry. List goes on.

      Tamati Coffey doesn’t make a big deal out of being gay, he just does what he does. But he is also a good role model for struggling youth and is so very supportive of GLBT communities. Maybe Mike should take a leaf out of his book.

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      • I can’t really understand why people are getting so wound up about this. He is being completely honest about everything and is being criticised because of it. It’s not exactly rare for gay people to have internalised homophobia. What is rare, is to admit to it. It’s not as if he’s saying he’s proud of not wanting to show affection in public. He is simply stating a fact. That he’s neurotic and worries a lot about what people think. He’s not proclaiming to be the perfect gay human being that people should model their lives on. He is being honest about his faults and I don’t think he deserves to be so harshly judged for not living up to someone else’s standards of the correct way to be gay.

        How many people reading this blog can honestly say that they feel completely comfortable walking down Courtney Place at 1am on a Friday or Saturday night holding hands with their partner, and would not give a second thought to what people thought about it? I have occasionally seen this but it isn’t exactly a common sight.

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        • Aaron and Andy says:

          It’s not about the ‘correct way to be gay’, anon. It’s about an out-gay public figure using his profile to spread more homophobic beliefs such as that it’s only desirable to be gay if you can pass as straight in a bar.

          I walk down the street holding hands with my boyfriend all the time. I urge others to make it a common sight!

          • He said “people wouldn’t think his partner was gay”, I don’t believe he said passing as straight is the only desirable way to be gay, although perhaps it was implied.

            Michele Hewitson isn’t exactly known for painting anyone in a positive light anyhow. I’m sure she could make Aunty Helen, come across as Hitler if given half a chance.

            Perhaps you should offer him some media training Andy? Then next time he is interviewed he will answer inoffensively as opposed to honestly.

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            • Anonymous says:

              Perhaps he would be better off with a sociology lesson where he learns basic concepts of hegemony where by dominant cultures maintain power and minority cultures remain repressed. Maybe some history lessons wouldn’t go astray either in Mikes case….

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  6. Paul Danger Brown says:

    Damn it Andy I think he’s been doing your straight acting test all wrong! I think he’s been putting the cock in his well use arse

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  7. Who cares what Mike does? This article about seems so something so irrelevant , he obviously has some problems being gay but that’s his way of dealing with it. I understand the Gay community would be offended by his comments but you know, society isn’t very forgiving of gay people and this is what has happened to mike, just leave him alone and let him deal with his own personal problems, no matter how famous he is. He doesn’t owe us anything.

    They’re are plenty of other inspirational gay role models we should concentrate on and not just single out one person because of some peoples indifferences with his choices (whether good or bad) This article is just as bad as the homophobes that have plagued our society with their prejudices, lack or understanding and ignorance…….

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    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with this to a point, mikes behavior is a response to societal homophobia. he is stuck in a paradox, he is obviously a victim of homophobia but by making statements like this he perpetuates the homophobia he experiences/has experienced. He is a homo that is ‘homophobic-phobic’.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh well at lest he bothered to come out in the first place even if he is ashamed of who he is and dosen’t want people to think he is like us, because he is better than us.
    Will Colin Mathura Jeffree ever actually come out??? I find it funny the campest one of them all still tells people he sleeps with women. What a joke.

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  9. hahThE LiSp knows wxac how you feel Puru

    I hate them as well hahah but coz thney all so feral and in bred

    you go gurlz hahahahahaha

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  10. hahThE LiSp knows xactly how you feel Puru

    I hate them as well hahah but coz thney all so feral and in bred

    you go gurlz hahahahahaha

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  11. strange. you talk about him being homophobic & negetively judging, stereotyping, labeling people, only to call him a fuckwit & idiot. hypocritical perhaps?

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  12. Who cares about Mike Puru. He ‘s a hopeless host on the radio, being all macho does nothing for his ‘look’ either. Go find a life out of NZ, Mike. Gore’s had enough of your shit!

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  13. Anonymous says:

    when he was on that silly teenagers program on tv2 in the late 90s and early 2000’s his eyes always looked like he was tripping on acid

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  14. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Mike. By choosing not to show affection to his partner in public he is not saying people shouldn’t. He is simply highlighting the fact that doing so can be an unpleasant experience in our society. I’m sure he doesn’t like the fact, but it’s the way it is.

    Yes, he could make a stand. Yes, we could all go around holding our partners hands and encouraging others to do so. But we shouldn’t HAVE to. Some us don’t like attracting unpleasant comments, and we shouldn’t have to put up with them to make others feel better. If he doesn’t want to be called names, he has every right not to draw attention to himself. I respect that right.

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  15. That's right says:

    I personally think all PDA (personal displays of affection) are in poor taste and should be discouraged. same sex or otherwise.

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  16. This is a pretty harsh/negative/offensively written piece. He is being honest and upfront about his own issues admitting not perfect. Why should he be pushed outside his comfort zone to make you feel better? Yes he’s a public figure but I think him talking honestly about these issues, his own issues, rather than framing in a way to keep you happy, has more credibility. I understand that ‘straight-acting’ brings up a whole lot of issues for the gay community, but for some guys it’s the closest way of being able to define themselves in a community/society that constantly is. Negative slander like this isn’t helping anyone.

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    • That’s right.

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    • Exactly, not everyone needs to conform to one person’s way of thinking. If you think about it – this is really just an elitist, bigoted and offensive piece of left-wing propaganda. So what if Mike has issues – it’s none of your business to decide how he must act / think. Just because he’s gay it dosen’t mean he needs to be totally comfortable in public with showing PDA and walking dogs. You live your life and he’ll live his. He’s not a “gay celebrity”, nor does he probably want to be.

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  17. It must suck to feel so threatened by someone who has achieved more in life than you both combined, so what, he doesn’t want to be perceived as gay? good on him, why would you, there are so many negatives attached to being gay, hes a guy who sleeps with a guy, you queers just want him to put on a dress and buy a poodle just so he can “loud and proud”
    I may sleep with guys but I would never ever want to be associated with the gay community, its feminine, full of liars, haters, drugs, drag queens, madonna music and unprotected sex. I look at it in the same way I wouldn’t want to be associated with skin heads if I shaved my head (but Id rather be thought of as a skin head that a gay, they are perceived better in society)
    The gay community and gay stereotype makes me sick, you all need to be a person, not just a gay.

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  18. Patrick says:

    I can’t see any issue with how he feels. Loads of people (straight and gay) dislike overtly public displays of affection towards their partners, preferring to save that for private. This article is somewhat patronising to all gay people — we should behave how we want to behave (as long as we’re not harming others) and not follow some prescription set by what appears to be the gay police.

    I don’t care if people find out that I’m gay but I don’t feel the need to conform to some kind of stereotype to prove it. I’d rather be known for my personality than for my sexuality.

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