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Miss Fag Hag vs gay sauna

The owner of Wellington’s gay male sauna, Emperor’s Bathhouse, may have got more than he bargained for when he offered audience members of last night’s Mr Gay Wellington free entry to his sauna for the night.

Just moments after his offer to tour the brand new sauna was announced, current Miss Fag Hag Wellington and judge of last night’s pageant, 21-year-old glamour girl Courtney Havill, decided to take up this once-in-a-lifetime offer and check out what gay men do in a gay sauna. She had one of her fags in tow who was also visiting the sauna for the first time.

“I thought it was really amazing actually,” she told Aaron and Andy.com of the sauna’s decor. “It’s very discrete but then inside it’s anything but. It was definately not a place for the faint of heart… or a girl!”

Courtney says some of the punters were a bit suprised to see a girl inside the sauna, but she tried not to interrupt too much on her tourist-like tour of the venue. “A few poor guys lost their boners when they saw me, but I did give them a big smile and a carry-on-don’t-mind-me! sort of a look.”

One of the punters even complained to management. “I think he thought I snuck in because I was fully clothed.” Courtney was wearing a glamorous gold number that she had previously wowed the Mr Gay Wellington audience with. “It was almost pitch black upstairs and most of the men were wearing towels or nothing so it was pretty easy for them to blend into their surroundings. But in my blingin’ gold dress I stood out a bit!” she laughs.

So is she planning on visiting a gay sauna again any time soon? Maybe not, she says. “The receptionist was pretty insistent on reminding me that they are now hosting swingers parties for straight couples. Unfortunately he didn’t realise that part of being an ultimate Fag Hag is being chronically single and only lusting after fags.”

But she did gain one fan after her gay sauna rendezvous. “After we left, some guy off Grindr messaged [my fag] and asked: ‘I saw you and a woman walking around the bathhouse. Did she used to be a he?'” We love it!

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  1. Ivy Queen says:

    I find this wrong! A sauna is suppose to provide a discreet, safe and private area for gay or bi men to meet. Why the hell are the owners letting females in so they can treat it like some sort of zoo? Is the business doing bad that they have to sell admission to anyone and everyone?

    If Courntey was a real fag hag she would have more respect and stayed away?

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    • I think it’s nice that the owners let everyone go for free that night, even if they were girls.

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    • total rubbish mate…good on her for going…opened up the public’s mind as to what happens at that place

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  2. the owner seemed like a bit of sleaze….i was semi tempted to go….but it was like i was on NZD looking around the ivy club….

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  3. Courtney Havill says:

    Ivy Queen give me a freaking break.

    A) If the men who I caught banging didn’t want to be seen then they would have choosen private rooms instead of having sex in the public area infront of us and the 5 or 6 patrons who were also wandering around. I didn’t walk in on any of the private rooms.

    B) I have PLENTY of respect for the gay community thank you. If you must know, I said I would quickly wander around with my fag because he was nervous to walk around alone. I didn’t intend on embarassing, annoying or judging anyone there.

    C)I think that being given the owner and the manager’s permission to have a quick look around gave me more than enough right to be there.

    Chur. x

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    • Ivy Queen says:

      But thats what we do at saunas, we have sex all over the place. We don’t expect females to walk around. If we wanted to see or have sex with the opposite sex we would go somewhere else. Just my point of view which is making me sound really sexist!

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      • Anonymous says:

        “We don’t expect females” – yet this suana had a swingers party last night for both genders…

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  4. Ben Walker says:

    Hahah I think this is funny.. wouldve given ppl in there a hell of a shock .. good on ya girl..

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    • Courtney Havill says:

      Ha yes I was a bit of a fish out of water. It was a really, really nice place though! If I was a gay man (actually, people claim I am a gay man stuck in a woman’s body) – I would so go there! x

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  5. Comments re letting girls in don’t make sense considering they’re having a swingers party tonight

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  6. Anonymous says:

    if i was there i would have taken u into a room and eaten your pussy out

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  7. Ivy Lies says:

    Good on Courtney checking it out with her boy. Glad you had fun checking it out!

    I’m surprised no other girls wanted to check it out!

    The swingers party was interesting. I was in the spa pool with the poster boy for the Toga Party and some woman was sucking off some guy in the spa! Didn’t phase me at all!

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    • Courtney Havill says:

      Yeah I wasn’t phased AT ALL by the men (Once I saw a drag queen threesome in the toilets at Ivy I’d seen it all), but I was AMAAAAZED at how cool it was inside.

      My fag was in hysterics because I was just so casual and curious. It was fascinating. x

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  8. Anonymous says:

    yeh i went to a ‘bi night’ at the old countrymens sauna in auckland, some girl got gang banged in front of what appeared to be her husband or boyfriend.

    I am bi, but on that night i was there for some sex with woman, then some indian guys were there and told me they were straight, then after a game of pool one tried to grab my nipples.

    the girl that got gang banged was the only woman there, she was fat and i wasnt into her, so i left disappointed and 30 dollars poorer.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    if someone liek courtney was there i would have eaten her pussy out and i would have been very satisfied with the 30 dolalrs i spent , very satisfied

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  10. Anonymous says:

    she could have sat on my face all night and pissed in my hair if she wanted to

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  11. Blah blah gimme a freaking life! says:

    Who do fag hags call their gayboys ‘fags’ that’s wrong!

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    • Anonymous says:

      Why did Nick Meehan enter Mr Gay Wellington? That’s wrong!

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