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More Chris Crocker nude

Our favourite celebrity wannabe Chris Crocker has had details of his contract with porn company C1R leak.

The movie will feature five scenes, two with him topping (really?), two with him bottoming, and one which will be a “giant, hairless twink orgy”. Ummm, gross. He’s apparently getting US$100,000 for the five scenes and associated promotion.

Crocker has also been told not to send out anymore nude photos of himself, so we thought you all might wanna enjoy these while you can. Also check out this NSFW shot! (R18 only).

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  1. He isn’t my type but I am strangely intrigued to see his porn…..

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  2. Anonymous says:

    his arms are ok, but if he wants to flaunt himself over the net he needs to do some ab work and develop some real abs and stop clinching and sucking in (clinch and suck is obvious). Needs to do some bench press as well and actually develop a chest.

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  3. Foreigner says:

    I’m a little disappointed in this arguement. I though Aaron and Andy were striving to be a positive influence in the gay community, yet the “really?” comment after information regarding him topping leads me to believe otherwise. Personally I find it bad enough that more effeminate guys are stereotyped into the bottom category without it being publicized on one of New Zealands only readily availinle gay websites.

    Maybe a little more thought wouldn’t go amiss in the disappointing reporting standards you seem to have lately?

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    • Aaron and Andy says:

      Thanks for your comment, Foreigner. While we’ve never claimed to be a positive influence in the gay community, we do understand your concern. Our website is our take on the gay world (hence it being called Aaron and Andy.com and not something like ‘KiwiGayNews.co.nz’), so we tend to comment on our personal preferences with most stories we write, as opposed to taking the neutral route. At times our opinions may fall on the wrong side of stereotypes, and we apologise in advance if that disappoints you, or anyone else.

      • digital age wrecking society says:

        hey aaron and andy that was a very nice reply, if i was u and these sort of things happened id just tell people to fuck off, u have the patience of saints

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        • Aaron and Andy says:

          We do like people coming to our website, so it helps to be understanding when people share their opinions of what we do… 😀

  4. who is this stud ? and how do i contact him?

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