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New gay sauna official

It seems that the rumours were true, and Wellington will soon get a brand-new gay men’s sauna.

You may remember a few months ago we mentioned talk about a new gay sauna, but at that point had no solid verification. Well now we do!

It’s called Emperor’s Bathhouse and it will be located just off Taranaki Street in central Wellington. Management promise it will become the Capital’s “premier gay sauna” and are expected to open the doors in September.

Wellington has historically been home to two gay men’s saunas at any one time, but has recently hosted just one, Checkmate Sauna on Tory Street, after Club Wakefield closed down.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change now, and who comes out on top!

We’ll be meeting with the guys from Emperor’s shortly and will bring you all the latest news, plus details on how you can head along to opening night. Watch this space!

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  1. The problem with saunas in NZ compared to other countries is they are mostly filled with old men who think they have a chance with the younger sauna-goers. They just chase them around the sauna all night and then the young ones dont really come again, creating saunas of ugly old pensioners.

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    • Competition is healthy and I think its a good idea that Wellington will soon have a NEW Sauna.
      Wellington is the CAPITAL of NZ but only has ONE Sex Venue at the moment, this is crazy, it used
      to have THREE. Even Christchurch has TWO.

      I still believe there is a market in Wellington to open up a CRUISE CLUB. Sancutuary on dixon St
      ran for 12 years.

      I wish the NEW OWNERS of Emperors Bathhouse all the very best.

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  2. id prefer a cruise club ,not everyone (including those of us that are fit) are comfortable with having to go around in just a towel and getting our gear off in the changing room while being perved at

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  3. Younger Sauna-Goer says:

    I wish the management of the Emperor’s Bathhouse the very best of luck. I’ve only been to the ‘new’ Checkmate (at its current location on Tory Street, that is), and I hope the Emperor’s will be an advancement on that place.

    If you don’t want a sauna full of ‘ugly old pensioners,’ do something to bring the younger crowd in. For instance, offer a student discount (Checkmate currently does not do this). Offer free pass-outs (again, something Checkmate does not do). This second option would also appeal to all other customers, of course.

    Employ a loyalty scheme – buy ten visits and your eleventh is free, or something like that. Host theme/fetish events, like Centurian Sauna’s “Towels-Off Tuesday,” or the Auckland A***-men events.

    And, of course, the most important thing: Make the biggest deal of opening night/weekend you can.

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    • Younger Sauna-Goer says:

      Those of us who are over the age of 18 can access the Emperor’s website: emperorsbathhouse.co.nz.

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  4. Watch Your Back .... I'll hurt you says:

    no guys look like the ones in the pic in any nz sauna, it will just be a bunch of skinny pasty sick looking creeps or dirty old men.

    towels are boring as well, i personally like undressing guys and playing with their dicks in a nice pair of underwear before i get them completley naked, running round in towels just takes away the eroticism of undressing someone

    theres also something dehumanizing for me experienced if everyone just runs round in the same old towels

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    • I’ll be there! Hopefully there’ll be lots of alternative twinks for me to run my hands all over.

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    • I agree. Clothing is what initially makes someone hot. I love undressing someone and saunas don’t offer that opportunity. Besides, hardly anyone looks good naked.

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    • Wish people showered too…. and maybe everyone wears flip flops…the floors are dirty in those places.

      Put pics of real people up…not people that have been touched up on photoshop.

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  5. Hey guys,

    Does anyone know when this new place is going to open? Seems to be a lot of hype and the website has been saying ‘opening day announced soon’ for about the last month! Any updates???

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  6. Oh yeah, and is is me or is there this guy on NZDating (you know the one with red undies) who has been marketing the new sauna to us (not so covertly) for months now!! Quite the sales man LOL

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  7. Sounds like a stunt to me…website has been saying coming soon for soooo long. Maybe they should have an under 30’s night on fri and sat. i have been in the past but not for a few years as i got sick of smelly people who did not know how to shower and creepy old dudes who get upset when they are politely turned down.

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  8. Isn’t it weird how Café Eden opened ONE DAY after said opening was announced, yet Wellington’s MSM have been waiting for more than three months for this place?

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  9. so where is it? has iot opened? maybe u guys should take this false information of the site

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  10. So according to the Emperor’s website, the place is opening on Friday, January 28, at 4 pm. It’s located at 5 Wigan Street, Te Aro, just off Taranaki Street.

    What are they doing to make opening weekend special? Complementary poppers? Discounts in the adult shop? A discounted “open for business” entry fee?

    Also, how closely will the Emperor’s work with organisations like the AIDS Foundation and Wellington Sexual Health to keep its customers healthy? Is there a market for an in-site sexual health clinic, à la Menfriends in Christchurch? Will flavoured condoms and dental dams be supplied free of charge?

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  11. Is this part of Aucklands’ Centurian Sauna? There seems to be a basic theme re the Roman style. I would have thought if it was a standalone they would not have to try and copy another businesses concept.

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  12. I guess the concept of bath houses come from anient roman style, perhaps that is why so many bath houses or more commonly known as saunas have this theme.

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