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New Mr Gay Wgtn!

A new Mr Gay Wellington will be crowned tomorrow evening (Sunday 5 June) at The Garden Club on Dixon Street.

The event, being hosted by Steve Gray (ex-Good Morning host and the man behind one of New Zealand’s most popular blogs), is a sit-down gig with three rounds.

Organiser Greig Wilson says he is still taking entrants. “The winner will take away a huge prize pool,” he says. “And the title of Mr Gay Wellington, which is one that has been worn with pride for many years by many different, awesome guys”.

He says the winner will be “a part of gay history” and the title is something to be proud of.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, check out the event’s Facebook page and get in touch with organisers ASAP to put yourself forward.

Those who just want to watch, be down at The Garden Club on Dixon Street from early — the show starts at 8pm! Yay, see you there!

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    Gay history what planet is that Greg living on ?.

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