New sauna open soon!

We were yesterday taken on a special tour of Wellington’s hot new gay men’s sauna, Emperor’s Bathhouse, before its huge opening party next Friday.

Wellington‘s brand new gay men’s sauna, Emperor’s Bathhouse, is hot! There really is no need for other words, because this new venue will blow the socks off anything that has ever been before.

Months and months have been spent converting the 800 square metre space on Wigan Street (off Taranaki Street) into a state-of-the-art men’s playground, and it really appears like no expense has been spared.

The setting is that of a Roman bathhouse, and anyone hanging out there will definitely feel like an emperor. We were asked not to go into too much detail so that the opening night is a surprise, so we can’t say much more.

All we can really say is that you really should check it out, preferably by heading along to the sauna’s opening day on Friday 28 January. Doors open at 4pm.

Another thing we need to add is that this place is pretty swish, to the point where visiting doesn’t have to be a sleazy experience (although it definitely can be if that’s what you want!) You can hang around in the gorgeous bar, enjoy a state-of-the-art sauna, lax out in the spa pool, use the free internet, or just soak up the ambiance.

Emperor’s Bathhouse is truly a gem on the Wellington, and New Zealand, gay landscape. Support it and help ensure that it remains and prospers.

Emperor’s Bathhouse is located at 5 Wigan Street, up near Shell on Taranaki Street. They open from 4pm on Friday 28 January. Check out their website for all of the details.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    once someone took a shit in the spa pool in centurians spa pool in auckland

  2. Anonymous says:

    a gay niteclub called heaven opened briefly in Auckland around 2002ish, it had a sex on site maze out the back, somebody took a dump in that as well.

  3. LOL at this whole thread having become about pooh. Pooh pooh poooooooh.

  4. Surgical glove says:

    and ummm how are you sweating? lol stinky

  5. LOL pooooooooooooooooooooooohs! Plops! Craps! Turds! Shits! Splodges! Turtle heads!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ew, the poo probably slipped out after someone’s finger did

  7. Anonymous says:

    for fuks sake someone tell us what the bloody sauna is like ??

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