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NZ Gay MPs condemn Malawi

Rainbow Labour, a group of GLBT MPs including Wellington Central’s Grant Robertson, have spoken out about Malawi’s punishment of two gay men.

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were this week sentenced to 14 years’ jail with hard labour, simply for holding a public engagement ceremony.

MP Grant Robertson today spoke with Aaron and Andy.com, and says that this case is a wake-up call.  “It is easy for us to get complacent in New Zealand about the rights that we have, but this is a wake-up call that members of the rainbow community in other parts of the world are not so lucky”.

Grant says we can help by writing to and phoning members of the Government, especially Foreign Minister Murray McCully.  “We really need people here to put pressure on the government to make a stand on behalf of New Zealand. We need the authorities in Malawi to know that the world is watching and that this is an unacceptable transgression of human rights.”

Rainbow Labour have vowed to continue this fight for as long as possible.  “We have issued our statement and we will continue to raise the issue with the government in Parliament.”

Act now!  You can email Foreign Minister Murray McCully on either of these email addresses: m.mccully@ministers.govt.nz or murray.mccully@parliament.govt.nz.

For more information, visit Rainbow Labour’s website.

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