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PREMIERE: Loreen Euphoria

Having won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a remarkable score of 372 — the second highest score in the competition’s history — Swedish vocalist Loreen now unleashes the video for her monster hit, Euphoria, which has already sold in excess of half a million copies and continues to ride high in the European charts and airwaves. And we have the New Zealand premiere of this!

Shot in the deep forest areas just outside Stockholm, the clip aims to capture “the magical powers within all of us” as Loreen effortlessly pushes through a 24 hour seasonal extravaganza.

Loreen was the overwhelming favourite to win this year’s competition which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan and viewed by an international audience of an estimated 120 million people. She won with a massive lead of 113 points as she was awarded points by 40 of the 41 competing countries who were eligible to vote for her.

Available on iTunes now, Euphoria is available as a single track download or as a bundle which features the main track and an instrumental version, as well as remixes from Carli, 7th Heaven, and WaWa. An album will follow soon.

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  1. Disco luva says:

    Love this song, but it’s a bit late for them to be making a video for this!

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  2. Betty White says:

    Omg, I love this song, but how come they’re hyping up the vid when it’s not on the radio here yet?

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  3. gay smilie says:

    Love this! Hope zm start playing it!

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  4. Best song ever to come out of the Eurovision, since it has begun. I love it.

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