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Paris Hilton: Gays “disgusting”

Paris Hilton is being forced to defend comments she made in the back of a taxi about gay men being “disgusting” and that most gay men “probably have AIDS”. 

The acclaimed pop icon was secretly recorded while in the back of a cab with a gay friend recently who was using Grindr. “Gay guys are the horniest people in the world,” she quipped. “Most of them probably have AIDS”.

Hilton’s publicist has ‘come out’ in defence of the comments saying, as usual, that they were taken out of context. “Paris Hilton is a huge supporter of the gay community and would never purposefully make any negative statements about anyone’s sexual orientation”.

The gay friend in the back of the cab is heard on the recording explaining the ins and outs of Grindr. “Say I log into Grindr, someone that’s on Grindr can be in that building and it tells you all the locations of where they are and you can be like: ‘Yo, you wanna f**k?’ and he might be on like, the sixth floor,” the male voice is heard saying. “Ewww! Gay guys are the horniest people in the world,” Hilton replies. “They’re disgusting. Dude, most of them probably have AIDS … I would be so scared if I were a gay guy. You’ll like, die of AIDS.”

Apparently the comments were more to condemn the dangers of unsafe sex than to label all gay men as horny animals just waiting to spread HIV.

Paris Hilton’s music is reportedly still amazing.


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