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People: Zowie

We chatted with electro pop princess Zowie about opening for Katy Perry, gossiping with Perez Hilton, performing for gays, The Glamazons, and whether size really matters.

Zowie has been described as a song-writing power house and a pint-sized force to be reckoned with. She’s performed with Katy Perry, Mark Ronson, and Peaches. Her music has been praised by the New York Times, Rolling Stone Australia and the Daily Telegraph. She was even pipped as ‘one to watch’ by none other than Perez Hilton. What’s more, she’s heading to Wellington for a show this week. We had a quick chat with her to find out more.

A&A: We always like to start with our How Gay Are You? test to break the ice.
Zowie: Okay, I’m ready.

We’ve done this test on Helen Clark and Sporty Spice, so you’ll be fine! Who is your favourite gay icon? Lady Gaga, Kylie, Geri Halliwell, or Helen Clark?
Grace Jones!

Who do you love more? Your mum, your handbag, or your boyfriend?
My mum!

True or false: size matters.
Oh false!

Finish this sentence: Sonny Bill Williams and Dan Carter are national icons because…
They’re tall, hot, rugby boys.

Finish this ancient gay proverb: ‘In my imagination, there is no hesitation…’
Oh my god. Sorry there was a cat weeing next to me! Um, you do it for me!

It’s a Kylie Minogue song, but you were two when it came out so you can be forgiven!
Aww, sorry Kylie!

Which actresses play the following characters, all of whom are gay icons. Xena.
Lucy Lawless.

Bree van de Kamp.
Oh who is that? Can you give me a clue? Oh, Desperate Housewives! Marcia something…

That’s good enough! Rachel Berry, and I’m hoping you’re too cool to know this.
I actually don’t think I know her. Who is it?

It’s the girl from Glee.
Oh, the main girl? Poor Rachel. (laughs)

Which of the following is not a member of The Glamazons? Felicity Frockaccino, Natasha Crowe, Ellie Kat, or La Toya Jacksin?

Well done! Final question. Top or bottom?
Ohh. Top!

Well, Zowie, we must say you’re pretty gay!
Oh thank you! (laughs)

Who influences you musically?
I think one of my main inspirations musically band-wise would be Nine Inch Nails. And then Michael Jackson and people who were always out there, like Grace Jones, Prince, people who kinda bartered their own thing – they weren’t really followers.

Do you find it hard doing the sort of music you’re doing in NZ, given we treat rock groups so well and pop acts not so?
I think I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much support we’ve had. It’s been really good, especially when those big acts come into New Zealand like Peaches and Katy Perry and we get to play with them. It is hard, but it’s good fun. A good challenge.

You supported Katy Perry. That must have been exciting! Did you get to hang out?
Yeah, her whole crew are amazing. There are about 70 of them. She was really supportive and we went out to dinner with her and things like that. We got to do eleven sold out dates with her so it was pretty epic.

Were you upset with Roxette cancelling? [Zowie was booked to open for them].
Yes, of course! We were really looking forward to that!

We were looking forward to seeing you, and then we missed you at Big Gay Out.

What was it like playing Big Gay Out?
We love it. Obviously these are rare occasions. We played at Proud Mary at the end of last year; had such a good time. Probably one of my favourite shows. In New York we played at Splash Bar [a popular gay bar] which was insane – it was so cool! The vibe is always really happy and energetic and accepting.

Fun! Perez Hilton called you ‘one to watch’ for 2011. Given he’s quite divisive, how did that work out for you? Did it help you or ostracise you?
For us personally it was really good because he’s such a music lover and he does influence a lot of people to listen to things, like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and stuff. He had us play at his showcase in Texas so it’s been really good for us. He’s been amazing.

Did you spend much time with him?
I was interviewed by him and he hung out for a bit and he told us what he liked about our music and things like that so yeah, he was really nice.

What can people expect from your Wellington show this Thursday?
Quite an energetic and manic show. It’s full band. Crazy outfits as always! We haven’t played too much in Wellington. It’ll be our first time there with our own show.

Zowie is pretty much awesome. Check out her cute video below for Broken Machine (we love it!) and come and check her out live in Wellington this Thursday 1 March at Bar Bodega, with Tommy Ill and Little Bark. Tickets are just $15 on the door.

We have a double pass to give away to this Thursday’s show. Just email us (andy@aaronandandy.com) and tell us why you should win.

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