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PHOTO: New Ivy Bar work

Owners of a new gay bar to be opening in Wellington this year have released an image of the site showing construction under way.

The new Ivy Bar, situated on Cuba Street in a basement below James Smith, is expected to open in a few months’ time, and promises to offer an exciting new venue for Wellington GLBT scene.

Aaron and Andy.com have been organising regular parties in the interim with the next, Homolicious 1996, taking place at Ghuznee Street’s Bodega on Saturday 28 July.

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  1. shaky town says:

    Old buildings made of unreinforced masonry, holes being cut in walls, cellars, Christchurch, Wellington, San Francisco, Northern Italy …..

    what do these things have in common?

    Not so sure it would be my idea of a place to spend a night out, in the light of recent events

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Have they paid the contractors of the old Ivy yet?

    Is place wont go far tho,

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  3. Curious? says:

    Can anyone help me? I have been looking forward to the opening of the new Ivy bar, I do really enjoy S&M’s, it’s very friendly and I love the new D.J’s but it is nice to have a choice of places to go! I have heard a rumour that the IRD have put a stop on the Ivy bar until they are paid all the arrears in tax from the old Ivy as apparently the owner never paid tax until the last few months – is this true? If so will Ivy ever open?

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